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Is Hannah Evans Parting Ways with WKTV? Exploring the Future of Hannah Evans

Hannah Evans is leaving WKTV as StormTracker 2 Meteorologist to join a new weather team in Savannah, Georgia.

Hannah Evans Is Leaving WKTV?

Yes, Hannah Evans, the committed and well-known StormTracker 2 Meteorologist on WKTV’s NewsChannel 2 at Sunrise, is leaving Utica, New York. She’s been a steady presence on the weather team since starting in July 2021. Along with Gary Liberatore, I provide daily weather reports.

Her departure from WKTV signals the end of her tenure there, as she will join a meteorological team in Savannah, Georgia. Chief Meteorologist Bill Kardas and the WKTV staff send their deepest goodbyes and best wishes. Hannah Evans has announced her resignation from WKTV. Her stint as StormTracker 2 Meteorologist has come to an end.

With her last day at WKTV behind her, she’s about to embark on a new chapter of her career as part of a different weather team in Savannah, Georgia. Her stay in Utica was spent with Gary Liberatore.Providing morning weather forecasts comes to an end as she embarks on new adventures in a new area.

Who exactly is Hannah Evans?

Hannah Evans is a meteorologist who grew up in the Philadelphia region. Who became a familiar face on WKTV’s NewsChannel 2 at Sunrise as the StormTracker 2 Meteorologist. I received a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Pennsylvania State University. In July 2021, she joined the WKTV weather crew, providing frequent weather updates and predictions.

As she presented morning weather forecasts with Gary Liberatore, her devotion and excitement for her job were clear. Creating a popular duet to offer news and weather updates to the public.

Hannah Evans’s Professional Career

Hannah Evans began her meteorological career with zeal, quickly establishing herself as a prominent figure in the profession. In July 2021, he will join WKTV’s weather team as the StormTracker 2 Meteorologist. She quickly became a recognisable figure in the crowd, offering accurate and insightful weather updates.

Her dedication to meteorology was palpable. Making the transition from Weekend Meteorologist to Morning and Noon Meteorologist. Prior to joining WKTV, she worked as a Meteorologist at the WPSU Centre County Report from March 2021 until July 2021. She also acquired work experience at GIANT Food Stores, LLC in Pennsylvania. From April 2020 until July 2021, you will be working as a Giant Direct Shopper.

Hannah’s passion went beyond her on-screen performances throughout her career. Her meteorological career began with her studies at Pennsylvania State University. Between 2017 and 2021, she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences.

Throughout her four-year degree, she was an active member of the Campus Weather Service, demonstrating a keen interest in her topic of study. Her involvement extended to the Alpha Phi Sorority, a ski club. In addition to hosting the “Weather or Not” TV show. She worked as a Mail Clerk at Penn State Commons Desk Operations and actively contributed to the Campus Weather Service while at Penn State.