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Jennifer Lopez’s Struggles with Ben Affleck’s Frequent McDonald’s Runs Amid Divorce Rumors – Is It the End for Bennifer?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are said to be having marital problems. While the celebrity pair has not responded to the rumours. Their paparazzi photos also don’t appear to be working in their favour. After it was revealed that Ben, despite being a spendthrift himself, is done with JLo’s expenses. According to reports, the ‘Selena’ star is dissatisfied with his fast food addiction.

Jennifer Lopez Weary of Ben Affleck’s Frequent Fast Food Visits Amid Divorce Rumors

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck married in the summer of 2022 after rekindling their romance in the spring of 2021. Making us all think that if two people are destined to be together, they will always find a way to reconnect. For the uninitiated, Bennifer and I split up in January 2004. Four months after announcing their engagement, their admirers were taken aback.

We all assumed Jen and Ben were still on their honeymoon after phoning on forever. Their marriage also appears to have reached rock bottom. We recently reported that the Gone Girl actor is upset with Jennifer’s lavish spending on their newly purchased $60 million Beverly Hills property. It has 12 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, and a basketball court. Jenny from the block is supposedly not a fan of husband Ben’s fast food habit, which includes frequent McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts visits. In the midst of marital conflict, the Mother actress, 53, and the Oscar winner, 50, are apparently seeking pair therapy.

Jennifer Lopez appears exhausted and fed up with her husband Ben Affleck’s fast food appetite. For the fourth occasion this month, the couple was spotted visiting McDonald’s. Jenny appeared to have a disappointed expression on her face, disapproving of his lifestyle choices. Despite not enjoying McDonald’s, the ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ singer has accompanied Ben on every outing since his photographs with ex-wife Jennifer Garner. In an automobile, with whom he has three children, went viral.

Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Fed Up with Ben Affleck’s Frequent Fast Food Obsession and Diva Attitude Amid Divorce Rumors

According to a source, as reported by The Things, Affleck has been leaning on Garner far too much. To take a break from his marital issues because the two are still in love. “He’s made some shocking revelations to her about J. Lo’s temper and the obnoxious texts she sends him.” That he should not have done. “He also admitted that her notorious diva attitude can be very difficult to handle,” the person told the publication.

When it comes to JLo, the singer-actress is known for following a stringent fitness regimen. Which is clear from her hot-bod, which she never fails to flaunt.

Tracy Anderson, her trainer, told People Magazine, “She needs really good fuel for all the things that she’s doing.” “It’s also all natural and very well thought out.” “With a good mix of high-quality proteins and plenty of nutrient-dense foods,” she continued. It’s no surprise she’s annoyed with Ben’s fast food habits.

Jennifer Lopez was accused of faking paparazzi images with their husband in a recent update. Ben Affleck will also try to limit the damage caused by divorce rumours. However, it appears that their difficulties are far from done. What are your opinions?