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Lawsuit Alleges Missing West U Man Faked Disappearance, Swindled Investors, and Lived a Lavish Lifestyle

According to a recent civil lawsuit filed in Harris County, a West University Place developer and father of three who was the target of a huge missing persons hunt in June may not have vanished. According to the lawsuit, his disappearance was part of a complex fraud conspiracy to swindle investors.

Missing West U Man Faces Fraud Allegations Amidst Luxury Lifestyle Claims

Lawyers for a victim of fraud explained in court filings. Brett Detamore would fabricate documents to obtain financial advances from his house construction company in order to fund his luxurious lifestyle.

He is accused by his lawyers of attending high-profile athletic events. Such as attending the Super Bowl or purchasing a million-dollar mansion in Galveston.

On June 21, Detamore left his home early in the morning and suddenly vanished. His wife filed a missing person report, and a high-profile search was shortly launched.

Houston police discovered his burned-out truck at Bear Creek Park shortly after he went missing.

According to the lawsuit, Detamore set fire to the six-figure truck before going missing.

Officials with the Houston Fire Department confirmed that the fire was started on purpose. Arson investigators also shared their findings with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

According to an HFD fire official, prosecutors rejected to press charges due to a lack of a complaint. That is, no one ever wished to prosecute charges, and the truck was entirely paid off.

A spokeswoman for the West University Police Department acknowledged that an investigation into Detamore’s alleged fraudulent activity is ongoing.

Missing West U Man Found Alive Amidst Allegations of Faking Disappearance and Swindling Investors

When ABC13 questioned the spokesperson if there were any ongoing investigations into the potential of Detamore faking his disappearance

and Swindling Investors, she said no. They stated that they were not looking into the allegations.

Detamore was discovered dishevelled days later. He was found unharmed and at a bus station in San Antonio after contacting his relatives.

Law enforcement officials previously stated that the search efforts were costly. However, it is unknown how much money was spent.

Several law enforcement sources questioned whether the disappearance was criminal during the investigation. Citing the fact that he left the house on his own as well as court records revealing various legal litigation relating to his development company.

Another civil claim was just filed in Kings County, New York, just days before his disappearance. Another corporation filed a lawsuit against Detamore and his company in Harris County.

Detamore’s family attorney issued the following statement, stating that they are still investigating the charges.

“These lawsuits were recently filed, and we are currently reviewing the allegations.” Tragic and awful incidents have occurred in recent months. The focus of much public rumour and speculation. Many false accusations have been levelled against the Detamore family, including their young children. Mr. Detamore is receiving the assistance he requires, and the entire Detamore family asks for privacy at this time.”