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Elk Grove Warrant Results in Seizure of Cash, Drugs, and Guns in Homes with Children

As part of a month-long investigation by the Elk Grove Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit, cash, drugs, and guns were recovered from two Elk Grove homes.

Three Detained in Elk Grove on Child Endangerment and Drug Charges

Shua Ji, Xinfei Song, and Weilin Zhuang were detained and face felony child endangerment charges. Resisting arrest, possessing marijuana for sale, violating probation, and possessing unregistered guns also are all charges.

Elk Grove police confiscated a number of unlawful things during the search on Wednesday morning, including two unregistered weapons. Over $70,000 in cash and 395 pounds of marijuana were found in two houses on Tagus Way and Wagoner Way.

Neighbours verified to CBS13 that youngsters lived at the Tagus Way house. Elk Grove police also confirmed this in a statement at the time. There were two children under the age of eight living there, and their home and playroom were littered with marijuana.

Elk Grove Police Seize Drugs and Ensure Child Safety in Tagus Way Residence

“However, it is the impact on our community that is most important.” Detectives were also critical in assuring the safety and well-being of two small children under the age of eight. Whose house and playroom were overrun with weed.”

Elk Grove Police Department released a statement.

Neighbours reported that the Tagus Way residents were “quiet.” They were also “surprised” to find SWAT officers at their home early Wednesday. One neighbour, who spoke anonymously to CBS13 due to the nature of the crimes, said he now feels safer in his own home as well.

Safety Recommendations

If you live in a neighbourhood where drug trafficking and the unlawful possession of firearms are frequent. You may protect your family by doing the following:

  • Keep an eye out for suspicious activities and report it to the police.
  • Discuss the hazards of drugs and violence with your children.
  • Make your home a secure and nurturing place for your children.
  • Consult your paediatrician or a mental health expert if you are concerned about your child’s exposure to drugs or violence.