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Michigan High School Student Charged with Felony Assault for Throwing Chair and Hitting Teacher: Update

Following a chair being thrown in class and a teacher being struck, a Michigan high school student is now being charged with felony assault.
A stunning video of the horrific moment a 15-year-old high school junior threw a metal chair at a teacher and knocked her unconscious to the ground surfaced, as we originally reported a few days ago. On Thursday, September 28, the event took place at Flint Southwestern Classical Academy.

Viral Video Shows High School Student Throwing Chair at Teacher During Heated Confrontation

The unnamed girl who tossed the desk chair got into a heated confrontation with another female student, which is when things got started. The teacher intervened in an attempt to mediate the conflict between the two kids as a result of this, but she was unsuccessful. Instead, one of the pupils grabbed up a chair in the room and violently flung it as the teacher turned her back. I pointed it straight towards the teacher’s head.

Despite being fairly filmed, the video footage going viral on the internet. The teacher was definitely knocked to the ground and was left there for around seven seconds as the student threw the chair at her.

Many people are wondering what precipitated the fight between the two teenagers in the first place after the terrible episode. Additionally, any underlying problems the alleged student might have had with the teacher. To act with such hostility and violence towards a teacher and an older person.

Michigan High School Student Faces Felony Assault Charges for Attack on Teacher

According to Flint Police Chief Terence Green, a school resource officer was dispatched to break up the altercation. When they discovered the instructor laying on the ground with head injuries, she was between the two female juniors.

The instructor was then transported to a neighbouring hospital. Where she received medical attention for her wounds and was later released. And in accordance with a statement from District Superintendent Kevelin Jones, is anticipated to return to teaching very soon. She is reportedly viewed as a hero by both pupils and her coworkers.

The 15-year-old kid has been charged, according to the Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office. Which has made the announcement since the event. Due to the chair being thrown at the teacher and hurting her, two counts of felony assault were added. The two felony counts were authorised by prosecutor David Leyton.