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Seattle Police Officer Reassigned After Insensitive Remark About Woman’s Death

Authorities said that a Seattle police officer who had been under investigation for making snide comments about a woman who had been killed by a patrol car had been administratively transferred.

Officer Reassigned After Insensitive Comments About Woman’s Death

Officer Daniel Auderer was seen speaking on the phone with Seattle Police Officers Guild President Mike Solan in body camera footage that was made public earlier this month. where he makes light of the passing of graduate student Jaahnavi Kandula, 23, by laughing and making jokes. On the tape, Auderer refers to Kandula as a “regular person” and implies that her existence was of “limited value.”

When speaking about possible consequences, he also suggests that I “just write a cheque” for $11,000. The remarks Auderer made about Kandula drew attention from throughout the world. In San Francisco, the Indian Consulate General has called for a “thorough investigation.”

Following the receipt of a complaint from a member of the Seattle police force, the Office of Police Accountability in Seattle started an inquiry into the event. On Thursday, the Seattle Police Department provided confirmation to USA TODAY. Specifically, that “Auderer has been administratively re-assigned to a non-operational position.”

Seattle Officer Reassigned Following Controversial Comments About Woman’s Death

The Seattle Times was the first to report on the status of the officer.

Following the Community Police Commission’s reassignment is Auderer’s. Last Thursday, a Seattle police review board recommended that the officer be placed on paid leave. Two weeks prior, protesters had marched to call for Auderer and Dave’s resignation.

The State Department referred to the incident as worrisome in a statement it released earlier this month.

The State Department informed the Associated Press that it was “aware of and disturbed by what was said about Ms. Kandula’s death in the bodycam footage recently released by the Seattle Police Department.” We would like to take this occasion to send Ms. Kandula’s family and loved ones our heartfelt condolences.