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Eastern Regional Mon Valley Police Department Faces Criticism from Local Residents

During a town hall discussion about the Eastern Regional Mon Valley Police Department on Thursday, citizens of the Mon Valley had the opportunity to share their opinions.

Eastern Regional Mon Valley Police Department Faces Questions on Funding and Communication

The department intends to cover Rankin, North Braddock, and East Pittsburgh.

One Rankin resident said, “I am committed to my community.” I don’t believe it is unreasonable of me to want to know how much this plan will cost.

The police commissioners presented the Eastern Regional Mon Valley Police Department as a shared business model during the town hall meeting on Thursday. The discussion covered the budget, service delivery, and the creation of subcommittees for each neighbourhood.

Marcus Adams remarked, “It costs a lot of money to run a law enforcement.”

Community members expressed their worries about funding and communication.

Community Engagement and Funding Questions Arise as New Regional Police Department Takes Shape

According to William Price of the Rankin Commission, community members need to understand their value to the organisation. “We need their help and everything for this to work out. Thus, they must visit and share their perspectives with us.

There will be 12 full-time and a few part-time cops hired. The police department’s main office will be in North Braddock, but how will policing be carried out?

Twelve full-time cops, are we going to pick and choose? asked Donna Vaughn of North Braddock. Are they planning to travel to East Pittsburgh, North Braddock, or Rankin? And there are no cops in East Pittsburgh.

Gerald Simpson, a police consultant, stated that in accordance with the contract. The three boroughs’ residents are assessed fees based on the population of their neighbourhood. They still don’t know the precise budget amount.

Finding a police chief is the following action. In the following 45 days, the three boroughs want to locate someone.