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California Couple Caught on Video Allegedly Stealing $17K Worth of Merchandise from Target Stores, Say Police

After being caught on camera reportedly stealing merchandise totaling $17,000 from Target locations in Orange County, a California couple was detained.

Analu Gonzalez, 25, and Alexis De Jesus Garcia, 22, make up the couple. They were accused with organised retail theft and big theft.

California Couple Captured After Repeatedly Swindling Target Stores for Thousands in Merchandise

On March 3, the couple could be seen on surveillance video entering a Target shop in Costa Mesa. Additionally,  infant formula to a shopping cart. Then, without making a purchase, they pulled the cart out of the shop.

Though, On April 2, the couple reenacted the same scam at a Target in Irvine.

Through the surveillance film, police were able to recognise the couple. They were taken into custody on Thursday at a Buena Park motel.

The Orange County Jail is where Gonzalez and Garcia are being kept. On September 19, they are also expected to make their court appearance.

Athough, the couple may have taken goods from nearby Target stores, according to the police. They are also requesting contact from anyone who may have information regarding the thefts.

A Growing Concern for Retailers and Law Enforcement

The alleged theft by the couple is just one illustration of the state of organised retail theft in California, which is on the rise. Big-box businesses like Target and Walmart have seen an increase in thefts in recent years.

Large-scale item theft is a common tactic used by organised retail theft gangs. They might also submit fictitious receipts, sell stolen goods back for cash, or even utilise credit cards that were stolen.

Business losses from organised retail theft have totaled billions of dollars. Resources used by law enforcement have also been strained.

Businesses are being urged by the police to take precautions against organised retail theft. They advise companies to set up security cameras. Also use loss prevention strategies, and alert the police to any suspicious conduct.