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CalFire Pilot Crashes in Sierra National Forest While Battling Wildfire, Rangers Report

As he was battling the Tea Fire on Saturday afternoon in the Sierra National Forest, a Calfire pilot was hurt in a helicopter accident.

Helicopter Crash at Teakettle Experimental Forest During Tea Fire Battle, Pilot Hospitalized

The Teakettle Experimental Forest was nearby when the collision occurred at about 1:45 p.m. When the helicopter crashed for an undetermined reason, it was working on the fire.

The pilot was evacuated with severe wounds to Community Regional Medical Centre in Fresno. There is no current information about their health.

The collision is being looked at by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Over 1,000 acres have been destroyed by the Tea Fire since it started on Friday. 20% of it is confined.

It is difficult to put out the fire because it is blazing in a rocky area. To drop water and fire retardant on the fire, Calfire has been employing air tankers and helicopters.

Sierra National Forest : Accident Underscores the Importance of Firefighter Safety

Several nearby cabins and outbuildings are under threat from the fire. So yet, no buildings have been demolished.

The fire’s origin is being looked into.

The accident serves as a reminder of the risks that firefighters must take. when they’re putting out wildfires. Calfire pilots possess a high level of training and expertise. However, even they are susceptible to mishaps.

During this trying time, our thoughts are with the pilot and their family. We wish you a quick recovery.

For firefighters’ safety, consider the following:

  • Always be conscious of your surroundings and the dangers associated with putting out a fire.
  • Put on the recommended safety equipment, such as a helmet, goggles, and flame-resistant clothes.
  • When working close to electrical lines or other dangers, exercise caution.
  • Drink plenty of water and stop frequently.
  • Pay attention to your managers’ directions, and do what they say.

Please assist a firefighter if you find one who is in need. They are risking their lives to keep us safe.