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Biden-Harris Administration Allocates Over $13 Million to Advance Hydropower Deployment

The Biden-Harris administration has announced a more than $13 million contribution to support the ongoing use of hydropower in the US. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s funds will support research and development initiatives. that seek to increase the availability, affordability, and environmental responsibility of hydropower.

Biden-Harris Administration’s $13 Million Investment Advances Hydropower for Climate Action and Economic Growth

In the United States, hydropower is a significant source of renewable energy. representing around 6% of the nation’s electricity production. But in the US, the vast bulk of hydroelectric capacity is already in operation. The goal of this investment is to maximise hydropower’s ability to provide more clean energy. while also taking into account environmental issues. This investment will contribute to the affordability and environmental responsibility of hydro energy.

The seven initiatives that will get financing as a result of this announcement concentrate on various technologies, such as:

  • constructing novel methods for producing energy at dams that do not already do so.
  • enhancing hydropower turbine efficiency.
  • creating innovative techniques for hydropower energy storage.
  • minimising the effects of hydropower developments on the environment.

US Investment Aims to Elevate Clean Energy Generation

The Biden-Harris administration has prioritised addressing climate change. Additionally, they are making this expenditure as part of their efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions. move to a clean energy economy is also necessary. Since it is a dependable and reasonably priced source of renewable energy, hydropower is a crucial component of this transformation.

Additionally anticipated benefits include the creation of jobs and economic growth. About 200 jobs in the United States are anticipated to be created by the funded initiatives.

The Biden-Harris administration is devoted to funding alternative energy sources. And this hydroelectric investment represents a big advance. This investment will contribute to the affordability and environmental responsibility of hydro energy. Additionally deployable, it will support economic growth and employment creation.