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Jamie Komoroski Denied Bail: Accused of Murdering Bride Samantha Miller on Her Wedding Day

Bail has been denied for the woman accused of killing a bride on her wedding day. After the South Carolina reception, Jamie Komoroski allegedly rear-ended the newlyweds’ golf cart while intoxicated.

On April 28, Samantha Miller, 34, and her fiancé perished in the collision. Just hours after getting married, Aric Hutchinson, 36, suffered serious injuries and lost his wife.


Jamie Komoroski Denied Bail with a Blood Alcohol Level Over Three Times the Legal Limit

The 25-year-old was operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol level of 0.261, which was more than three times the legal limit.

She was accused of exceeding the speed limit while driving her Toyota Camry down the peaceful beach road. Since the tragic accident, Komoroski has been detained without bail.

The bride’s mother, Lisa Miller, reportedly told the court, as per Live 5 News. That the woman didn’t just kill my child, and that she didn’t deserve to be freed. We were all killed by her.

They had recently gotten hitched. Source: GoFundMe
Video showed Komoroski entering the Charleston County Detention Facility. And started crying when the judge refused to release her on bond.

The bride and groom, along with two family members, were in the golf cart that the Coastal Carolina University graduate allegedly crashed into.

She is accused of acting aggressively at the crash site. saying to the police, “I did nothing wrong.”

The groom claims that the woman drank earlier in the evening. she and her friends consumed copious amounts of alcohol while out and about.

The defence team for Komoroski argued for her release on a $100,000 bond. And immediately admitted to a rehab programme for substance abuse before being released under her mother’s supervision.

Former Waitress Jamie Komoroski Granted Bond Release

In a statement, defence lawyer Chris Gramiccioni said: “We respect the court’s decision to grant Jamie a bond release in March 2024.  Even if the State is not prepared for trial, we still think she satisfies the requirements for release today under the law.

Jude Michael Nettle has declared that he will have the former waitress’ if the case hasn’t gone to trial by then. On a $150,000 surety bond, it was released to house arrest.

Jude Michael Nettles declared after making his decision on Tuesday, August 1: “This is certainly a very tragic situation for all concerned.”

Komoroski has been detained in the county jail on three driving-related charges. Driving while intoxicated, causing death or serious physical harm, and reckless vehicular homicide.

She allegedly struck the couple’s golf cart just before that. Miller told her new husband that she wanted the ‘night to last forever’ after their idyllic beach wedding.