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Los Angeles Police Uncover Drug Lab Hidden within Pizza Shop

The Los Angeles police have successfully dismantled a drug lab that was cleverly camouflaged as a pizza shop, leading to its eventual exposure and shutdown.

When they uncovered a narcotics lab that was operating under the guise of a pizza last week, Los Angeles police found an interesting discovery.

The LAPD stated that the North Hollywood lab was situated on the 7300 block of Radford Avenue. The animal hospital was next to the lab.

Authorities called the location a “super lab” where illicit THC concentrate was created. The LAPD published images of vats used to produce cannabis honey oil on Friday.

LAPD Busts Drug Lab Concealed as Pizza Shop with THC ‘Shatter’ and Playful Remark

Images depict a number of food trays containing what looked like shatter, a THC concentrate that resembles glass. An empty cardboard pizza box marked “Hot & Fresh Pizza” was held in a photo by an LAPD officer.

Although we’ve heard of hidden components, this one wins the prize! Criminals seem to be getting more inventive every day, the LAPD quips in a playful remark.

The hilarious message said, “We are well aware of these deceptive things, keeping our city secure one ingenious bust at a time, from counterfeit vending machines to pizza-making tricks. “The ‘pizza’ delivery super lab has come to a permanent halt!”

LAPD Uncovers Drug Stash in Vending Machine and Drug Lab Raid

Authorities have not disclosed whether or not there have been any arrests related to the lab.

The seizure occurs only days after an LAPD K9 dog discovered a sizable amount of cash and heroin concealed within a vending machine, according to KTLA.

K9 Bosco was called to a place on Tuesday where police were carrying out a search warrant.

Police discovered a massive 15 pounds of heroin, a kilogram of fentanyl, and an assault gun after the dog led them to the vending machine.