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Who were Cindy, Kyu, and James Cho? Mass shooting at Allen Mall, Texas

Who were Cindy, Kyu, and James Cho? Mass shooting at Allen Mall, Texas

On May 6, 2023, a major shooting occurred at Allen Premium Outlets, a shopping mall in Allen, Texas. There were nine murders, including those of Cindy, Kyu, and James Cho, as well as the culprit, who was shot by a nearby police officer.

Who were Cindy, kyu, and James? 

Cindy and Kyu Cho were a Korean couple living in Texas with their 2 sons, 3-year-old James and 6-year-old William. They lived happily until they visited a mall in the city which turned their life three sixty degrees.

Three-year-old James, Cindy, Kyu, and other victims tragically lost their lives, and their families are grieving.

After being discharged from the intensive care unit, William, their six-year-old son, is the only survivor. Their family is being helped by a GoFundMe.

Why are they in the news? 

On 6th May 2023, a shooter entered Allen Premium Outlet Mall, Texas, and started an open fire shooting. Many people were killed and injured.

Cindy and Kyu, with their son James (3 years old), were killed in this incident, but James’ elder brother William survived, though he was also injured. William celebrated his 6th birthday a few days ago. The family went to the mall for celebration and enjoyment, eventually becoming the deadliest tragedy. 

Authorities have confirmed the death of 2 more children, Daniela Mendoza and Sofia, both sisters, while their mother, Ilda, is in critical condition.

The city health department has informed us that they are treating six patients in 3 different hospitals, of which 3 are in critical condition, 2 are stable, and 1 is in good condition. A total of 8 people were killed and 7 injured in this horrific incident on Saturday.

Who was the shooter? 

The shooter was identified as Mauricio Gracia, a 33-year-old man by the Public Safety Department of Texas; he was arrested and killed by Police, according to the reports. According to the reports, this was 2nd horrific shooting attack in 2023. 

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