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Who Was Shalie Lipp? Find Out What Happened To Her

Shalie Lipp
Shalie Lipp; image credit - The Mirror

Just a few days before the greatest bout of her career, MMA competitor Shalie Lipp passed away in a car crash. The fighter, 21, who was due to compete against Natalie Gauge on May 20 at the Kent Freeman Arena in Detroit Lakes, was hurt in a car crash on Minnesota’s Interstate 94 when the car she was riding in collided with another vehicle. At the point of the collision at Moorhead’s Red River Bridge, Lipp didn’t have a seatbelt.

Shalie Lipp

Shalie Lipp; image credit -Twitter

Shalie Lipp’s Cause Of Death

The passenger of a 2015 Chevrolet Malibu, Lipp, a 21-year-old American from Colorado, passed away in a two-car collision on Interstate 94 in Minnesota on Sunday morning. According to the Minnesota State Patrol, at about 11.30 on Sunday morning, a 2017 Jeep Cherokee going eastward on the Red River Bridge “made contact” with the vehicle Lipp was in. The other occupants of the two cars, who managed to flee the horrific collision unharmed, included only Lipp.

All About Shalie Lipp

She was a student at the Academy of Combat Arts in Fargo, Minnesota, and was slated to compete on May 20 in the main event at Ignite No Mercy 11 at the Kent Freeman Arena in Detroit Lakes. Lipp had just returned from a training camp in Thailand where she had been training in MMA as well as Muay Thai. Lipp reportedly enjoyed running & field and gymnastics in addition to MMA. Eric Sweeney, who is said to be her trainer, has expressed appreciation. He expressed how deeply broken he was in a letter. Lipp was such a great person, so ambitious and full of potential. One among the few individuals he had ever encountered who genuinely sought greatness.

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