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Who was Franky Venegas? Franky Venegas Arrested – What Happened?

Who was Franky Venegas? Franky Venegas Arrested – What Happened?

Renowned Island Boys twins famous for their hip-hop moves, one of them, i.e., Franky Venegas, was detained when his girlfriend complained to the authorities that he had pushed her into the swimming pool. He was also accused of slapping his girlfriend under domestic battery. 

Who was Franky Venegas?

The American hip-hop duo became famous as Island Boys, active on the TikTok video-sharing app. The twin brothers were from Coral Springs, Florida.

They were renowned as Kodiyakredd (Franky Venegas) and Flyysoulja (Alex Venegas). Their song, I’m an Island Boy, became sensational, causing them to get such popularity. 

Franky Venegas arrested:

Franky Venegas got arrested by cops in an accusation of a poolside spat with his girlfriend. He was detained for domestic battery with his girlfriend.

According to court documents, Venegas’ girlfriend reported to police that while fighting, she warned him to split their relationship due to his physically abusive behavior.

She added how he became aggressive about their fight on Saturday when they were at the pool area of their Airbnb in Pompano Beach.

Venegas hit her aggressively; he punched her in the face and shoved her into the pool’s shallow end, causing the girlfriend to hit her chin on the pool’s concrete bottom.

When the police questioned her at a nearby hospital, they found bruises on her chin, legs, and arms.

Post releasing actions

After being detained at the Airbnb for domestic battery, Venegas was eventually released. On Sunday, he announced his release on social media and posted a picture of his arrest photo, which revealed his extensively tattooed face.

In the caption of a photo he posted on Instagram, Venegas stated that his arrest ‘is not what it seems’ to his approximately 1.6 million followers.

He stated about life as peaceful and prosperous. He further added about his imprisonment saying 24 hours of lockdown and fighting demons.

 Venegas has indulged in such kind of acquisition in history also. Before this incident, On Instagram Live in January 2022, Montaisha Shanell accused Venegas of domestic violence. Venegas allegedly started abusing Shanell physically in April 2021, according to Shanell.

In March 2022, he was also charged with violence after reportedly beating his brother’s girlfriend when she wouldn’t leave their home, but no complaints were made against him.

In 2021, Venegas and his twin brother Alex’s cappella song Island Boys performed as Flyysoulja became a social media sensation.

Trolled: The Untold Island Boys Story, a 2021 documentary, focused on fraternal twins.

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