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Involvement of Alexander Permyakov in the plot to kill Zakhar Perilipin?

Involvement of Alexander Permyakov in the plot to kill Zakhar Perilipin?

Investigators concluded that Ukraine was responsible for the automobile explosion that injured pro-Kremlin author Zakhar Prilepin and killed another person yesterday. According to investigators, the participation of Alexander Permyakov in the assassination attempt on Zakhar Prilepin is being looked into.

Who was alexander permyakov?

He survived, according to Zakhar Prilepin, a fervent admirer of Russia’s fight in Ukraine, because he was driving.

He claimed in a Telegram thread that the explosive, which murdered his friend, Alexander Shubin, was under the passenger seat.

A suspect, Alexander Permyakov, allegedly acknowledged working for Ukraine investigators.

Loss by this shocking incident

Contrary to original reports that stated he was in the passenger seat and his driver had passed away, Prilepin claimed he had been driving alone.

In addition to claiming that the explosion had fractured both legs, he also said that he had dropped off his daughter “five minutes earlier.” He cautioned the attackers, “You will not frighten anyone.

He said, “Thanks to everybody who prayed, for it should not have been able to survive such an explosion.

About author Zakhar Prilepin

The prize-winning novelist, one of Russia’s most well-known writers and a veteran of Moscow’s horrific battles in Chechnya, was a vocal opponent of President Vladimir Putin until 2014.

Prilepin, who has a long history of involvement in Russian ultranationalist politics, appears to have found common ground with Mr. Putin since he has now become a strong supporter of the invasion of Ukraine.

The 47-year-old has acknowledged that he has fought. An outfit established in Prilepin pushed officials to “purge the cultural space” of everyone who opposed the violence a year ago.

Charges that are put on alexander permykov

Alexander Permyakov is charged with using a remote-controlled bomb to destroy Prilepin’s Audi by the Russian Investigative Committee (SK), which deals with serious crimes like terrorism. According to reports, the explosive was placed on the road and remotely detonated.

He was captured, according to the SK, in a neighboring village. The rebel group Atesh, comprised of Crimean Tartars and Ukrainians, is accused of attacking Prilepin.

“We had a sense that sooner or later he will be blown up,” they said in a Telegram thread. He wasn’t alone in the car and had a surprise for the passengers.

The security service of Ukraine (SBU) responded as usual, denying to comment on the incident or a claim made by the Russian foreign ministry that Ukraine, which the US government supports, deliberately targeted Prilepin.

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