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Who is Nolan Grove? 13-year-old Charged in Connection to Shooting Death

Who Is Nolan Grove

Pennsylvania teen Nolan Grove used a .380-caliber handgun to kill Kain Heiland. 

Nolan Grove


Who is Nolan Grove?

A 13-year-old boy is accused of fatally shooting his friend at a sleepover in a horrible incident that happened in April. A boy’s body was discovered on a pathway on First Avenue, according to Law and Crime, and the Pennsylvania State Police was notified. Kain’s body was quickly recognized. Friday saw the arrest of Grove, who was then promptly charged. According to York County District Attorney Dave Sunday, authorities are looking for a juvenile facility to house Grove.

DA Sunday stated: The choice to charge anyone with third-degree murder, much less a 13-year-old, is made with extreme caution. We recognize the seriousness of our selection and adhere to it. ” A handgun with a laser in the caliber of.380. Has been identified as the murder weapon. A third person at the sleepover saw the tragic shooting, in addition to Nolan Grove and Kain Heiland. The third individual had a BB gun in addition to Grove. According to York Dispatch, Kain is reported to have said, “Take your finger off the trigger. I’m the only one without a gun; this is unfair”.

What do the Officials Say?

According to reports, Nolan admitted to his mother that he accidentally shot his friend. The witness claimed that the teen bought the gun from his house that day, though he couldn’t remember precisely when. Following the execution, Pennsylvania State Police discovered a concealed compartment gun case. A York County Deputy Coroner named Scott Pennewell pronounced the victim dead at about 9:48 p.m. local time. According to the witness, Nolan Grove was allegedly “playing with the gun” and kept loading and unloading it. The suspect was seen on surveillance video pointing a gun at Kain Heiland, and the 12-year-old boy’s torso could be seen having the laser pointed at him. Nolan allegedly said: after killing Kain. Grove’s mother also informed the police that her son understood the importance of gun safety and that a weapon shouldn’t be pointed at an object unless it aims to injure it”. On the first block, the scene of the shooting, a tribute to Kain Heiland, was held.

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