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Who Is Ruth Gemmell? Here’s Every Detail About Her

Ruth Gemmell
Ruth Gemmell; image credit -Metro UK

Recently, certain rumors about Ruth Gemmell’s pregnancy started to appear. However, there is no formal denial of these rumors from the actress herself. She had been cast as a character in the television series Bridgerton, which sparked rumors that she was pregnant. The rumors were generated because Lady Violet Bridgerton, the TV character she portrayed, was pregnant. There are even rumors that she has cancer of the breast as well. Although the actress hasn’t made any public comments about it, this is yet another unfounded rumor.

Ruth Gemmell

Ruth Gemmell; image credit – Mixedarticle

Ruth Gemmell’s Early Life

British actress Ruth Gemmell has made appearances in numerous TV episodes, films, and theatre productions. She was born in Bristol, England, on October 10, 1967, and raised in County Durham. Following her parents’ divorce, Ruth Gemmell relocated to Darlington with her mother. Three brothers also exist for Ruth Gemmell. Ruth went to Polam Hall as well to finish her degree. She relocated to London, where her father resided, to pursue a career in acting. At the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, she pursued acting studies.

Ruth Gemmell’s Career

Gemmell started performing in the early 1990s. She made her acting debut in the role of Abigail in the 1991 movie Who Needs a Heart. She also acted in the 1997 film Fever Pitch, which gave her a taste of fame. Later, the actress acted in other films like The Perfect Blue as well as Storage 24. Ruth later appeared as Lady Violet Bridgerton in the 2020 Netflix television series Bridgerton. Additionally, she has participated in several theatrical productions, such as The Cherry Orchard and Betrayal. She provided the voiceover for Elizabeth von Arnim’s TV series In the Mountains.

Ruth Gemmell’s Pregnancy

Rumour has it that Ruth Gemmell is expecting. The actress has not provided any confirmation to support these rumors. Rumors about her pregnancy started to spread after she had been cast in the TV series Bridgerton. Since Lady Violet Bridgerton ended up becoming pregnant in the TV show she portrayed, the rumors got started. There are rumors that she has carcinoma of the breast, but the actress has never publicly discussed this, therefore this is yet another baseless rumor.

Ruth Gemmell’s Married Life

Previously, Gemmell was wed to actor Ray Stevenson. After meeting on the set of the television show Band of Gold in 1995, the couple was married in 1997. Before divorcing in 2005, the couple’s marriage survived only eight years. Leonardo George Stevenson as well as Sebastiano Derek Stevenson are thought to be Ruth’s two children. They had been born in December 2007. In 2005, Ruth Gemmell and Ray Stevenson, her ex-husband, divorced. As a result, it is untrue that Ruth Gemmell had Sebastiano and Leonardo as her sons.

Ray Stevenson, Ruth’s ex-husband, and Elisabetta Caraccia, his current partner, are the parents of these two boys. Ray Stevenson, Ruth Gemmell’s former husband, and Elisabetta Caraccia, his present spouse. Born in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, on May 25, 1964, actor Ray Stevenson became well-known for playing Titus Pullo in the HBO series Rome. Elisabetta Caraccia, an independent Italian anthropologist and member of the entertainment industry, is the reverse. Ray separated from his ex-wife Ruth Gemmell in 2005, the same year Stevenson and Elisabetta got married.

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