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Trying to protect his mother, a 9-year-old boy Daniel Enrique Laso was killed in a Texas shooting

Daniel Enrique Laso
Source: New York Post

On Monday, the devastated father, Wilson Garcia, revealed that his 9-year-old son, his mother, and three others were fatally shot at their Texas home. The father shared that his son bravely attempted to protect his mother before tragically losing his life.

Daniel Enrique Laso

Source: MEAWW

The shooting occurred when fugitive Francisco Oropesa, 38, opened fire on the family and their guests in response to their complaints about his late-night shooting that woke their baby.

Garcia, who survived the attack, recounted how his wife, Sonia Argentina Guzman, 25, shielded him from the gunman. Their son, Daniel Enrique Laso, tried to help after witnessing his mother’s death.

Wilson talked to the media and said, “He died because he wanted to defend his mother,”

The victims of the tragic shooting, including the mother and son, were identified by the police as Diana Velazquez Alvarado (21), Julisa Molina Rivera (31), and Jose Jonathan Casarez (18). According to San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers, all five individuals were fatally shot in the head in a manner consistent with an execution.

The father, Wilson Garcia, has created a GoFundMe page to seek financial assistance in bringing his wife and son’s remains back to their home country, Honduras.

The page has gained immense support, with over $35,000 raised as of Monday. In addition, another fundraiser has been established to support the victims’ families, and it has amassed more than $200,000.

Daniel Enrique Laso

Source: NBC News

Local law enforcement officials, who responded to the incident, discovered that the victims had been shot close to their heads in a manner resembling an execution, as shared by San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers during an interview with local media.

According to the father, several people had reported to 911 about the shooter using his rifle outside before the tragic incident.

While the authorities did their best to respond promptly, Sheriff Capers explained that their department serves a vast area, and the house is situated roughly 15 minutes away from the nearest town.

Netizens’ furious reaction to this issue :


Tragic. We don’t know who the many millions of illegals are, and Biden is putting every US citizen in danger. With title 42 ending next week and the flood gates open the surge will continue bringing in millions more. Crime and chaos are coming to a neighborhood near you so get ready.

michael Towers

Little boy died protecting his mother, he died a hero. Nothing stronger than the love between a son and his mother, tied with the love between a daughter and her father. RIP young hero. Condolences to all families and friends

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