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Who Was Jack Reid? Jack Reid Committed Suicide At Age 17

Jack Reid
Jack Reid; image credit - The New York Times

A Bible and a message pointing both his parents to a Google page outlining his desperation were concealed in Jack Reid’s gym shorts last April when he was a sophomore at one of the nation’s most prestigious boarding schools.

Jack Reid

Jack Reid; image credit – New York Post

Jack Reid’s Cause Of Death

Jack was 17 years old. Then he committed suicide inside his dorm room. The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey made an uncommon admission of failure on Sunday, the day of Jack’s Death, by publicly admitting that it had known Jack was being tormented by other pupils but had tragically fallen short of its responsibility to protect him. Officials from Lawrenceville acknowledged that bullying and cruel behavior, as well as measures performed or not performed by the school, most certainly contributed to Jack’s Death in a statement that was placed on the school’s website early on Sunday morning.

Anti-Bullying Committee Created After Jack Reid’s Death

To become a leader in anti-bullying as well as student mental health, the school pledged to take several corrective measures, including providing a new dean’s office that will be concentrated on mental health issues. The declaration was a component of a negotiated agreement between Elizabeth and Bill Reid, Jack’s parents. It provided an open and thorough list of the school’s mistakes before Jack’s passing and a look into the atmosphere of a private university where food and lodging may cost more than $76,000 a year. It also reflects changing perspectives on the teen mental health crisis and bullying’s place in the complicated web of causes that can lead to suicide.

Investigation After Jack Reid’s Death

According to a thorough report on the investigation’s results, 45 students, faculty members, and other people were interviewed. In addition to Jack’s private messages, phone records, text messages, and internet searches, the business also looked at messages from over one hundred students and staff members. In a statement, Lawrenceville claimed that its agreement with the Reids was meant to honor Jack, accept responsibility, and enact significant reforms that will help the school achieve its goals of becoming a leader in anti-bullying as well as student mental health.

Richard Lieberman, the nation’s second-largest public school system’s primary expert on suicide prevention, praised Lawrenceville for its uncommon and valiant response. He claimed that earlier, he had never heard of a school publicly taking responsibility for a suicide. According to the school’s statement published on Sunday, Jack was bullied for a year. The board of trustees of the school hired Petrillo Klein & Boxer to look into the circumstances of the student’s suicide.

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