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Jersey Shore Star Angelina Pivarnick Gets Engaged to Vinny Tortorella

Angelina Pivarnick Gets Engaged to Vinny Tortorella
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Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick has gotten people talking again with her most recent heartfelt undertaking.

Angelina and Vinny Get Engaged

Angelina Pivarnick got engaged to Vinny Tortorella the day after her divorce party from Chris Larangeira, shocking all the Jersey Shore viewers. Numerous fans have questioned the engagement’s authenticity due to the whirlwind romance.

In front of Angelina’s Jersey Shore, the proposal was made, family excursion castmates during a gathering supper. The reality stars were shocked when Vinny rose to speak passionately about his love for Angelina. After that, he proposed to her on one knee and gave her a stunning ring.

Angelina Pivarnick Gets Engaged to Vinny Tortorella

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Everyone, including Angelina’s co-stars, was taken by surprise when she announced her engagement. Some were speechless, while others were perplexed by the relationship’s rapid pace. Pauly D made a joke about Angelina again having to buy a new wedding dress saying that she was gonna have to buy another one.

Angelina couldn’t contain her excitement and tweeted to announce the engagement despite the shocking news about her engagement.

Angelina and Chris Larangeira split up just a few months before this engagement. They had been together since the year 2016, and an episode of Jersey Shore featured their wedding: Vacation with the Family in November of the year 2019 Angelina, however, filed for divorce six months before the engagement because the marriage was short-lived.

Angelina and Vinny Announced Their Engagement On The Show

On Thursday’s (April 27) episode of Jersey Shore, stars Angelina Pivarnick and Vinny Tortorella announced their engagement. While they were on vacation with the family, Tortorella proposed to Vinny Guadagnino at a group dinner on Vinny Guadagnino’s birthday, in front of the Jersey Shore cast, after dating him around a year and a half.

Tortorella made a toast before getting down on one knee, calling Angelina his dearest companion. He said that he loved her so much and he simply needed to give her something. He added that he hoped she will marry him because he loved her.

Before responding, Pivarnick said yes and appeared surprised for a brief moment, saying yes, babe, 100 times over. The unscripted television star additionally took to Twitter to praise the second with her fans.

Even though the couple appeared to be thrilled for each other, fellow Jersey Shore cast members could not help but comment on how quickly the relationship was developing. As Angelina said yes, Jersey Shore stars Mike Sorrentino, Nicole Polizzi, Jenni Farley, and Vinny Guadagnino could be heard yelling that they just met him yesterday.

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