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Three teenagers murdered Alexa Bartell – Tossed rocks at her car.

Three teenagers murdered Alexa Bartell - Tossed rocks at her car.

Alexa Bartell was murdered in her car by three teenagers. They threw rocks at her car and due to which she died. This incident took place on April 19, 2023.

Who was Alexa Bartell?

Alexa Bartell was only 20 years old. She was an amazing daughter, sister, friend, granddaughter, niece, and cousin.

She used to talk with everyone and had a friendly nature. She was such a jolly person. Also, she was intelligent and had a bright future waiting for her. 

But things don’t work how we want; as she was driving back home, she got murdered, and her life ended. Before she could see what life holds for her, her eyes were closed forever. 

Alexa Bartell Cause of Death

Alexa was travelling to her home, as mentioned by her family. She was driving in Arvada, Colorado, on her way home.

She told her parents that she would reach out to them soon and that her family was waiting for her. 

But she was driving when three teenagers came in front of her car and threw rocks at the windshield of her car, and that tragically took her life. 

What happened to Alexa Bartell?

Three teenagers murdered Alexa Bartell on Wednesday, April 19. She was travelling back to her on that day.

She lives in Arvada, Colorado. She was driving her car on the day this incident occurred, and three minor suspects were following her. They began to toss the landscape rocks at her car in Colorado. 

As they were tossing the rocks at her car, one of them smashed through the windshield of Alexa’s car, and then the car got out of control and crashed into a field. 

But the Sheriff’s officers also reported that the crash did not kill her, but she was killed due to the pelting attack.

This is not clear what happened over there, but for now, the news is that she was killed by those three teenagers only.

Those teenagers were only 18 years old and were identified as Nicholas “Mitch” Karol-Chik, Joseph Koenig, and Zachary Kawk.

It is also mentioned that these teenagers have injured at least two more drivers by throwing rocks at their vehicles. 

Those three teenagers are high school seniors. As per CBS, the father of Joseph, Mark Koenig, was also arrested for not letting the officers interrogate his son regarding the incident on April 19.

Those three teenagers were arrested for the crime they committed. But, this is not enough for the family of Alexa, who lost their daughter and was amazing in every role.

Their parents are feeling great sorrow, and nothing can dismiss the pain they are going through. 

May Alexa’s soul rest in peace!!

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