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Teen arrested in the murder case of trans woman Koko Da Doll

Who was Koko Da Doll?

A teen is under the custody of police as a suspect, Rasheed Williams, aka Koko Da Doll murder case; this incident happened on April 18; Koko Da Doll was found shot to death in southwest Atlanta.

Who was Koko Da Doll?

Koko Da Doll, whose original name is Rasheed Williams, is a 35 years old Black trans woman; Williams performed in the documentary “Kokomo City,” released on 21 January 2023, and gained attraction from the viewers; in the documentary, she worked as a transgender strumpet, interactions with the Black men, describing the life where she faced multiple difficulties, sometimes violence, and threats. She showed the viewer the natural side, Black trans women.

Reason Behind the Death of Williams?

On April 18, Williams was found shot dead in southwest Atlanta. The victim was recognized as Williams by D. Smith, director of “Kokomo City,” police were investigating the whole event, and they found out the murderer, who was a 17-year-old teenager, Jermarcus Jernigan; police took him into custody and charged as an adult under Georgia law, the teenager had also faced a charge for bearing gun during the commission of a felony. 

As evidence, police had images released from a surveillance camera, in which a man wearing a sports jersey walked up to the approach to the entrance of an apartment; the teenager admits that it was him in the images but denied shooting anyone.

During the investigation, police had some witness reports that Williams was arguing with a man before they heard the gunshot. The main motive behind this killing is unclear, yet the police are still investigating.

Rasheed Williams obituary

Rasheed Williams was an artist and performer who gained name and fame through her performance in Kokomo City.

While showing the problems faced by black trans women, the director of that documentary, D. Smith, posted a statement on Instagram that he wanted to entertain the people and manifest the other side of black trans women. 

Smith appraises the work of Williams, he could process the news of Williams’s passing, and she will be the inspiration for the next generation and will never be forgotten.

Her movie “Kokomo City” has won multiple awards, NEXT Innovator Award, an audience award at Sundance Film Festival 2023, also won an award at Berlin Film Festival 2023. 

Filmmakers were planning to release this film worldwide later this year. Koko was the third victim of Black trans women killing in Atlanta; 38 transgender people were killed in the previous year nationwide. 

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