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Brownsburg Teachers Arrested For Telling a 7-Year-Old Student To Eat His Vomit

Brownsburg Teachers Arrested
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The supposed episode occurred in February, and the school locale said they previously found out about it on April 12.

Know What Happened At Brownsburg Elementary School?

A representative with the Brownsburg People Group School Partnership affirmed all workers included are confronting the end when the educational committee meets in May.

A few Brownsburg primary school staff individuals are having to deal with penalties after police said they abused and neglected to report the abuse of a 7-year-old kid in the custom curriculum program.

Brownsburg Teachers Arrested

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The alleged incident is said to have taken place in February with a Life Skills student at Brown Elementary, which is located at 310 Stadium Drive, close to South Odell Street. According to the police, another teacher, 48-year-old Julie Taylor, provided the boy with a tray on which to vomit.

Then, after the kid hurled, 63-year-old Debra Kanipe, an educational guide, purportedly gave a spoon to the kid to use to eat a portion of his regurgitation.

The boy was then allegedly instructed by one of the workers to use paper towels to clean up the remaining vomit. The staff members involved were immediately placed on administrative leave after the incident, according to the district, was first reported to them on April 12. As instructors, safeguarding the security and government assistance of our understudies is at the centre of our identity.

What Did The Brownsburg Police Capt? Said?

According to the police, Seymour and Kanipe stood on either side of the boy as he ate some of his vomit, while K1ds Count Therapy behavioural technicians Megan King, 24, and instructional assistant Kristen Mitchell, 38, watched and did nothing. The video is going to be an emotional pendulum for everyone who watches it.

The Brownsburg Police Capt., Jennifer Barrett stated that when anyone first sees it, then they are in disbelief and shock, after that, they move to anger and outrage. The involved student has a memory impairment and participates in the school’s life skills program.

According to the police, the incident was first reported to the school two weeks ago. Barrett also said that there was an interior interaction happening inside the school partnership about a free issue and it was during this cycle that this data was found, and the school reached us right away. Moreover, he added that by the day’s end, they fizzled, and they bombed the kids and that youngster and they flopped them all.

What Statement Did The District Make?

The following statement was issued by the district regarding the incident on Monday, 17th April, they informed the families and staff of Brown Elementary that BCSC had decided to fire two employees after learning at lunch that a life skills student in their care had been mistreated. The Hendricks County Prosecutor had informed BCSC that these two staff members will face charges.

In addition, two more employees are facing charges for failing to report the incident. More subtleties are impending from the Brownsburg Police Division (BPD).

The statement told people to be assured that the BCSC family will remain steadfast in its commitment to Brownsburg students, their safety, and their well-being as more information about this incident is made available by BPD.

The staff and teachers at Brownsburg Schools’ character are not reflected in this appalling act. The care and concern that teachers and staff at Brownsburg demonstrate daily are not defined by the shocking actions of a few.

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