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Kingdom Chapter 757: Know About Release Date And Time, Where To Read

Kingdom Chapter 757
Source: otakukart

Kingdom chapter 757 will be available on Thursday, May 11, at 12 a.m. JST. Fans in Japan can read the manga by purchasing a copy of Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump. Otherwise, one may have to wait till the tankobon manga volume is out.

In the last episode, Shouheikun was organising a new assault by sending two of the six generals, Rokuomi and Tou, on an envoy mission to Han’s capital city, Shintei. Their true purpose, however, was to conduct a reconnaissance of the city in order to prepare a future attack.

Kingdom Chapter 757: Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 757 will be available to most fans worldwide on Wednesday, May 3, 2023. The chapter will be available in Japan on Thursday, May 4, 2023, at 12 a.m. JST. As a result, the release date and time will fluctuate between time zones.

While there are various unofficial websites where fans may read the Kingdom manga, the only official option for fans to read it is to purchase Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine.

What Can We Expect In Kingdom Chapter 757?

Shin, together with the Generals, Tou, and Rokuomi, may enter Shintei as part of an envoy in Kingdom chapter 757. Shouheikun desired to expand his kingdom after losing the north in the battle against the Zhao Empire at Gi’an. As a result, he planned to conquer Shinetei in order to increase Qin’s domain.

Kingdom Chapter 757

Source: otakukart

Thus, Shi, Tou, and Rokuomi were to serve as envoy guards and conduct reconnaissance of the capital city in order to subsequently develop a strategy that would give them an advantage in their assault. This strategy appears hazardous, which is why fans will have to wait until the next chapter to see how events unfold.

Kingdom Chapter 756 Recap

Sei met Shin in Kingdom Chapter 756 to discuss the death of one of the six generals, Kanki. Qin needed to appoint a new general swiftly so that they did not appear weak to neighbouring kingdoms. Shin thought he, Ouhon, or Mouten should take the seat, but he knew none of them were prepared. That’s when he realized Kanki had requested him to deliver the feather to Sei.

Tou and Rokuomi, two of the six generals, arrived moments later to pick up Shin, who was to accompany them on a mission as directed by Shouheikun, who had devised a strategy to expand Qin’s borders.


When did Kingdom Chapter 757 come out?

On May 10, 2023, Kingdom Chapter 757 was released.

Is Chapter 757 free to read?

While some sites may provide free sneak peaks or sample chapters, reading the complete chapter without paying it is unlawful and unsustainable for the writers and publishers.

What occurred in Chapter 757?

Shouheikun’s new invasion strategy was the topic of Chapter 757. He dispatched two generals, Rokuomi and Tou, together with Shin, on an emissary expedition to Shintei, the Han capital. Their genuine goal, however, was to perform reconnaissance and acquire intelligence for a future strike.

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