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John Smith: Where Is Breakthrough’s Subject Now?

John Smith
Source: mirror

Faith can often bring up a variety of challenging questions, yet it is not unheard of for people to turn to the divine at some of the most difficult times in their lives. The 2019 Christian motion picture ‘Breakthrough’ tells a similar story of a young adult named John Smith who made a remarkable recovery after being immersed in a cold river for about 15 minutes.

Who Exactly Is John Smith?

John Smith, who was born in Guatemala and was adopted by Joyce and Brian Smith when he was a child, was adopted by Joyce and Brian Smith when he was a child. Though he grew up in a loving and also non-religious environment throughout his adolescence, he can’t help but feel depressed about his situation. Apparently, there were feelings of abandonment that drove John to rebel in a variety of ways when it came to his parents and educators. Basketball, on the other hand, was a sport that the adolescent adored with all his heart.

When John was 14, an incident occurred that led to him being a significant figure in the Roxann Dawson-directed film. He was spending the night at a close friend’s house because they were taking a day off for Martin Luther King Jr Day. On January 19, 2015, John and two of his many different pals agreed to go to Lake Saint Louise, which was frozen at the time. However, the ice was thin, which contributed to the three younger lads sliding into the lake.

John Smith

Source: mirror

The 14-year-old showed signs of bodily organ failure, and his lack of neurological function indicated the possibility of a long-term coma, according to the doctors. Regardless, his mother persisted in her belief, and he soon began displaying excellent signs of healing and even left the hospital on his own.

Where Is John Smith Now?

John Smith is on the rise at the time of writing. His near-death experience appears to have only increased the potency of his perception. The fact that his story was quickly adapted into a film both intrigued and surprised him. More than 8 years after the accident, John is still grateful to everyone who saved him from drowning and also stood by his parents during his recovery. Furthermore, he is grateful to those who worked hard to tell his tale on film.

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