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American Idol Top 12: Who was Eliminated?

American Idol Top 12: Who was Eliminated?

This Monday, American Idol finalized the current season’s Top 12 as the viewers (supposedly) drove as swiftly as feasible into the finale, eliminating a further eight performers within a day after eliminating six contenders. 

The Top 12 of American Idol were live, with thrilling first-judge saves:

The way commotion unfolded: The 20 contestants who took the stage on Sunday came back to see if they had made the Top 12 list after voting by the American public. Based on the outcome, the participants performed for votes before Sunday’s broadcast, aiming to win two slots for the panelists’ preferences.

There happened to be a few surprises. Even if they performed exceptionally well on Sunday, a few contenders were sitting unexpectedly in the danger zone.

Following the thrilling couple-hour session on Monday, 12 vocalists are still in the competition.

A more brutal elimination of contestants from “American Idol’s talent competition” dropped the final 20 on Monday’s live telecast.

As every participant’s fate was revealed, host Ryan Seacrest did so gradually. The top 10 performed for votes for the week that followed. While the rest of them competed for one of the two “Idol” saves from panelists Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan, announced after the competition.

Colin Stough, Tyson Venegas, Haven Madison, Warren Peay, We Ani, Marybeth Byrd, Olive Steele, Iam Tongi, Zachariah Smith, and Megan Danielle were among the participants who made it through.

There was a chance that Matt Wilson, Paige Anne, Nailyah Serenity, Mariah Faith, Hannah Nicolaisen, Michael Williams, Kaeyra, Olivia Soli, Lucy Love, and Nutsa might have to go back.

About the contestants:

Paige Anne shows ‘How to fight back” to the judges.

Anne, a 16-year-old Idaho high school student, was first eliminated before reaching the final 26 and then invited back after a contestant withdrew.

Anne further demonstrated that the panelists misjudged her by initially letting her off the hook after realizing she had to perform to keep her “Idol” life. The P!nk song “I Am Here” was sung by her. 

Luke Bryan says Olivia Soli had “one of the biggest voices” he’s witnessed on Idol. Despite giving a rendition of “I Surrender” by Celine Dion on Sunday’s Show, Soli ended up in the bottom ten. The Los Angeles-based college student, 21, gave a slick rendition of Ariana Grande’s “God Is a Woman” in her final bid to win the panel’s vote.

Lucy Love, who impressed the jury on Sunday with an energetic rendition of her song “Boulders,” put on her “game face” for Lionel Richie Love but didn’t secure a place in the top 12. 

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