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Star Wars: Who & Why Framed Ahsoka For The Bombing?

Framed Ahsoka
Source: friction horizon

Clone Wars is one of the most popular aspects of the Star Wars universe since it provided new characters, plots, and events that all contributed to the general growth of the story.

Who Framed Ahsoka For Bombing?

Barriss Offee, Ahsoka’s close friend, was the one who falsely accused her of the Jedi Temple explosion. She chose Ahsoka as a scapegoat because she wanted someone to blame. And Barriss resolved to blow the Jedi Temple since she had lost faith in the Jedi throughout the conflict.

Barriss falsely accused Ahsoka of being responsible for the Jedi Temple bombing. Ahsoka Tano is one of the characters whom fans have grown to adore as a result of the great storytelling in Star Wars: Clone Wars. She was exposed to a mature and wise Force user who understood the Force in a way that some of the other Jedi could not. In that way, her story in Clone Wars was something that fans needed to really investigate and study in order to understand what kind of figure Ahsoka is.

During the final months of the Clone Wars, Ahsoka had grown quite knowledgeable, and she was already wiser than other individuals her age. Her experiences in the war, as well as those of her master, Anakin Skywalker, altered her and let her to view things differently. While she had yet to become a Jedi Knight, Ahsoka had already seen through some of the Jedi Order’s shortcomings and was not quite sure that the Jedi path was the one true way.

Why Did Barriss Imprison Ahsoka?


Source: friction horizon

Barriss Offee not only admitted to being the bomber, but also that the war had awakened her and shown her the true nature of the Jedi Order. Her time on Coruscant allowed her to see how the Jedi and the Republic had devolved into something that was no longer viable.

Offee argued that the Jedi and Sith were not all that dissimilar. She also made the audacious argument that the Jedi were to blame for the conflict. In summary, she betrayed the Jedi and Ahsoka in order to demonstrate how the Jedi Order had devolved into a shell of its former self, no longer standing for peace and justice.

Barriss Offee’s Betrayal: Ahsoka Tano

Barriss’ betrayal served as a stepping stone for Ahsoka to break away from the Jedi’s rigorous principles. While she was faithful to the Jedi Order despite its imperfections, she was not as loyal to the Jedi Council. And it was probably because she quit the order that she was able to survive Order 66 and grasp the Force in a way that some Jedi couldn’t because of how rigorous the Jedi Order was.

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