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Moonbin Dead, Suicide Speculated

Moonbin dies
source: Pinkvilla

Moonbin, one of K-Pop’s top all-rounders, was adored by AROHAs everywhere. Moonbin’s death became a trending subject on social media as K-Pop fans and artists expressed their sympathies to the ASTRO member. Korean news outlets report Moonbin dead. According to Yonhap, the K-Pop musician was discovered dead by suicide at his apartment on April 19 at 8:10 p.m. by his manager, who allegedly phoned the police after arriving at the place. Moonbin died in what manner? Read on to learn more about how fans and fellow K-Pop singers paid their respects.

ASTRO's Moonbin Has Died at 25

Source: Teen Vogue

How Did Moonbin Die?

On April 19, 2023, Fantagio, ASTRO’s corporation, revealed the death of Moonbin and issued a statement on social media, “This is Fantagio. First and foremost, we apologize for having to deliver such sad and painful news. Moonbin, an ASTRO member, abruptly departed us on April 19 and has since become a star in the sky.

Although it cannot compare to the grieving family’s anguish at losing their beloved son and brother, his fellow artists and the Fantagio team, who have been with him for a long time, are also sadly mourning the gone amid immense shock and sorrow. “It pains us, even more, to have to convey this unexpected news to the fans who have lavished love and support on Moonbin,” the statement said. Because we know how incomparable the late [Moonbin] was in his devotion to his followers, whom he was constantly thinking about, the loss is all the more devastating.

His Funeral

The funeral of Moonbin would likewise be held privately, according to the firm. “We implore you to refrain from speculative or malicious reports in order for the bereaved family, who has fallen into great sorrow as a result of this sudden tragedy, to be able to respectfully mourn the departed and say their goodbyes.” The funeral will be held as gently as possible, in line with the desires of the grieving family, with relatives, close friends, and agency colleagues in attendance. We express our heartfelt sorrow once more as the departed takes his final road.”

His Early Life

Moonbin was born Moon Bin in Cheongju, Chungbuk Province. He began his career as a child model in 2004 and appeared in a 2006 “Balloons” music video by the band TVXQ. He made his acting debut in 2009 in the Korean drama series Boys Over Flowers; and starred in the 2019 series At Eighteen. On February 23, 2016, he made his debut in the then-six-member K-Pop boy group ASTRO alongside MJ, JinJin, Cha Eunwoo, Rocky, and Sanha with their EP Spring Up and smash song “Hide & Seek.”

Moonbin stated his intention to take a break in 2019. Fantagio claimed at the time that the singer was dealing with health concerns. He would return in early 2020 and appear on the band’s 2021 album All Yours. Moonbin is also the older brother of Moon Sua, a member of the girl group Billlie and a K-Pop sensation. Throughout their careers, the siblings remained supportive of one another.

Fans React to the Death of Moonbin

Fans got together in Chile and the Philippines to create monuments for the adored K-Pop star. The administration of the New Frontier Theatre in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines; established a memorial place to honour and commemorate Moonbin, who performed in the nation just weeks before his death. Taemin of SHINee posted an Instagram story with the translated description; “I remember seeing you shine on stage.” “I hope you’re as happy there as you’ve always been.” In honour of Moonbin, BTS’ RM uploaded a blank screen with no words. Jung Chanwoo, Moonbin’s close buddy; uploaded a photo of the two when they were younger with the remark; “Binah, don’t get sick there and let’s be happy!!”

How Did Moonbin Die?

Source: StyleCaster

Several K-Pop groups halted promotions in the aftermath of Moonbin’s death; Mnet’s M Countdown conducted a minute of silence in his honour. Moonbin was also honoured in the survival reality programme Boys Planet.

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