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GoFundMe for Jessica Howe

Jessica Howe GoFundMe

On Saturday, April 15, 2023, Missourian Jessica Howe, 32, perished in a working accident. Howe tripped and struck her head on a washbasin while working at a Costco food court. Jessica Howe was immediately brought to a nearby hospital but died two days later. Only a week after the incident, Howe was due to celebrate her first wedding anniversary.

GoFundMe for Jessica Howe

After his wife’s sad death, Kevin Howe, Jessica’s husband of one year, said he has been feeling “empty, hollow, and lost.” The 32-year-old was a parent to two children: a 5-year-old boy from a previous relationship and a 1-year-old daughter with Kevin Howe. Four days ago, Amanda Howe, Kevin’s sister, set up a GoFundMe campaign to help the Howe family financially. Amanda wrote about the effects of Jessica Howe’s passing on her brother and the kids on the website. Costco, Jessica’s employer, has not yet released a comment about the event.

Jessica Howe Died After Falling and Hitting Her Head at Costco’s Workplace:

Last week, a sad accident that resulted in the death of 32-year-old Jessica Howe at work occurred in St. Charles County, Missouri. Howe tripped and fell to the floor while working in the food court section of Costco in St. Peters. However, she also struck her head on the washbasin before it struck the ground.

Jessica was taken to the hospital right away and given life support. Her family is dealing with the devastating loss while still in disbelief. As was previously announced, Jessica Howe would celebrate her first wedding anniversary this weekend. Jessica’s sister-in-law, Amanda Howe, also acknowledged her passing and said she would preside over Jessica and Kevin’s weddings in 2022. She recalled noting that up until Jessica arrived, she had been his staunchest defender.

Kevin further said that if Jessica saw Johny laughing and smiling, she would “drive herself miserable” and wear a grin. He told Jessica was always there for her children, and she would encourage him: “Get over it… it is all right. Be available to them. I can only get out of bed in the morning now.

Local media sources attempted to contact Costco for a statement about the unfortunate incident, but they have yet to do so. Amanda organized a GoFundMe appeal and said that Johny, who is five years old, has memories of his mother and recollections of the individuals that helped the family.

Amanda Howe, Sister of Kevin Howe, Said Jessica’s Organs Would be Donated.

Amanda said that despite the doctors’ best efforts to rescue Jessica, there was not much they could do. Although Jessica’s life support was turned off soon after she passed away, her organs will be donated.

Kevin Howe said on Facebook that this past weekend had been the worst period of his life and that he would soon bid his wife farewell. He questioned: Jessica passed away on Monday at 8:55 p.m., two days after the workplace accident, according to the GoFundMe. The Jessica Howe fundraiser had a $10,000 goal but has already collected over $34,000 from more than 550 donors. Several contributors have also left supportive messages and sympathy for the devastated family.

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