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Suspect Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr Arrested: Payton Washington, a Woodlands Elite Cheerleader, was injured in a shooting in Texas.

Suspect Pedro Tello Rodriguez

Experts in Elgin, Texas, are investigating how a debate outside an H-E-B parking area turned rough for the time being on Tuesday, bringing about a shooting. Let’s look at Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr. and what exactly transpired.

Pedro Tello Rodriguez


Suspect Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr Arrested: What Happened?

At 12:15 a.m., the brutal assault occurred in the H-E-B parking lot at 1080 E. US 290. At 12:15 a.m., Elgin Police Department officers were summoned to the H-E-B parking lot for “shots fired.” In addition, responding officers were sent to a different location in the 800 block of SH 95 N., which is where they later became connected. As per the starter data, there was a battle in the H-E-B parking area, and shots were discharged into a vehicle.

 Elgin Police say that as the cheerleaders drove home from a Houston practice, they fought between two groups when several rounds were fired at their vehicle. The car hit two people in the back; One received treatment on the spot, while the other sustained severe injuries and had to be taken to the hospital.

What took place with the cheerleaders?

After practice, one of the athletes allegedly tried to get into the wrong car, and on Tuesday morning, he shot and killed four members of an elite competitive cheerleading team in Oak Ridge. The four teens headed out threefold weekly to Forests First Class Cheer Organization in Oak Edge for rehearses. Cheerleader Heather Roth claimed that she exited her friend’s vehicle in the H-E-B parking lot shortly after midnight and unlocked what she thought was her car. They shared rides for the roughly 360-mile round trip from the Elgin H-E-B. She became immediately alarmed when Roth reported that a man was seated in the passenger seat and assumed a stranger was inside her vehicle. She panicked and got back in the car with her friend. She claimed that when she saw the man approaching their truck and realized it wasn’t hers, she rolled down the window to apologize. Roth argues that the man raised his hands, pulled out his revolver, and fired. Bastrop County sources confirmed the testimony.

Payton Washington has Severe Injuries:

According to the officers, Payton Washington, Roth’s teammate, was shot in the leg and back, while Roth’s graze wound was treated and released immediately. After being shot two times toward the back, Payton Washington, a senior at Stony Point Secondary School and a star team promoter, had grave wounds and must be taken to the medical clinic. While competing with a Houston-based cheerleading team, Washington has received numerous awards. On Public Parkway 95, a portion of a pretty far, another shooting casualty required police help. Police say there is a connection between the two shootings. Washington is a cheerleader and tumbler for Woodlands Elite. The Houston-area academy launched a GoFundMe account on Tuesday to assist with her medical expenses.

The arrest of suspect Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr.:

On Tuesday, Elgin police arrested a 25-year-old suspect named Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr. He is accused of third-degree felony deadly conduct. The parking lot security video that captured the moment shots were fired has been recovered by police, but it has not been made available to the general public.

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