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A woman was hospitalized after a road rage incident in north Phoenix on Tuesday

north Phoenix
Source: ABC15 Arizona

A woman was hospitalized in critical condition after an accident in north Phoenix on Tuesday. Now police are investigating this as a case of road rage. On Tuesday, at around 5:30 p.m., police reached the Phoenix near 51st Avenue and Topeka Drive, north of Union Hills.

north Phoenix

Source: Houston Chronicle

Just after the accident, police arrived at the spot and found crashed vehicles and witnesses of the incident. A woman was driving the one-hit car and was taken to the hospital due to severe wounds and injuries.

Three other adults were also taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, informed by the Phoenix PD. In the investigation, witnesses told about the road rage incident that two drivers were involved in this while driving south on 51st Avenue.

One man was driving an SUV, while another juvenile male was driving a truck. According to the police, one man lost control while driving his vehicle and struck the upcoming traffic.

The hospitalized woman was driving the car at that time, was struck by the SUV and eventually hit another car. The other two drivers stayed at the scene after the accident.

The police evaluated both and didn’t find any sign, according to Phoenix PD. Still, no more information has been released by the police about this road rage case. It is also not known if the police arrested anyone or not.

Netizens’ reaction to this road rage case:

north Phoenix

Source: Fox 17

Susan Collins

This is what you get when you have people from other states coming here with different driving habits there is no flow of anything on the road. You have a handful going 90 and a handful going 20 so that’s calling for an accident with no patience.

Amanda Weiss

Glad they had the wear with all after to stay. I hope she is ok, and I hope the people who were driving get help for their anger and are held accountable for their actions.

Tracy Baney Smith

There’s a white Versa every morning down 51st Ave that has severe issues swerving and speeding. Once, he went into the turn lane in both directions to avoid stopping at a red light. Hope one day he gets caught tbh. He’s gonna end up killing someone.

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