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Suspect Is Detained Following A Fatal Shooting In West Phoenix

West Phoenix
Source: mirror

After a robbery attempt evolved into a shooting in west Phoenix, Eduardo Flores-Alvarez, 21, is accused of murder. After a robbery attempt in west Phoenix last week devolved into a deadly gunfight, police have detained a suspect. Charges against 21-year-old Eduardo Flores-Alvarez include first-degree murder and attempted armed robbery using a lethal weapon.

west Phoenix

Source: mirror

What Happened In West Phoenix?

Phoenix police officers responded to reports of a shooting just after 4 a.m. on Friday to the vicinity of 85th Avenue and Palm Lane. They quickly discovered a man who had been shot; he was declared dead there. Several suspects were seen arriving in the area in a white SUV and exchanging gunfire with police, according to detectives’ assessment of local security footage.

Officers were alerted to another shooting near 15th Avenue and Southern about an hour and a half after the one on Palm Lane, which was located about 15 miles away. According to authorities, they discovered Flores-Alvarez there with a gunshot wound to the leg. Court records state that Flores-Alvarez told officers he and two other people had driven to the Palm Lane residence with the intention of robbing someone. The victim apparently pulled out his own firearm during the attempted robbery, which resulted in a shootout with the three perpetrators.

Suspect Charged

Documents show that Flores-Alvarez admitted to the police that he and the other two suspects fired shots at the victim. When the other two suspects heard he had been shot, according to Flores-Alvarez, they seized his stuff and dumped him close to 15th Avenue and Southern. He revealed to investigators where he lived with the other two suspects throughout the interrogation. When undercover police got to the house, they discovered the white SUV from the security footage had been shot inside, and there was blood on the backseat. There is no sign of the other two suspects.

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