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Whos is Scott Henriques? Search for Missing Scott Henriques Ends

Whos is Scott Henriques?
Whos is Scott Henriques?

Scott Henriques reported that he was missing from the last Wednesday. Rumors are coming that he is found safe and well. Rumors also come that he was involved in an accident and may be alive. It is not clear whether he is found safe or he is alive.

Who is Scott Henriques?

Scott Henriques is a well-known and famous figure in the London music scene and a lead singer in the band “The Voleurs.” He is also a livestock hauler. He used to make TikTok videos as well.

People say he was seen last at Hilton, Bangor, Maine. And there must be more information about whom he talked to last and whom he met. He didn’t contact his family since last Wednesday, and his family tried to contact him, but they have yet to get a response to their call.

After getting no responses to the calls, the concern grew, and then they decided to act. They filed a missing complaint with the police. 

Whos is Scott Henriques

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Missing of Scott Henriques

He was missing for the last couple of days. He didn’t contact his family since last Wednesday. So his family got worried and filed a complaint. It’s been five days since he was missing. 

A search was immediately launched to find Henriques, with officers combing the streets of London and wider areas to find any information that could help them locate him. Authorities also appealed to the public, asking anyone who might have seen Henriques in the days leading up to his disappearance to come forward.

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Information regarding whether he is found or not

Kelle Henriques, one of the family members oF Scott Henriques, mentioned on social media that he does want to be found by anyone. Also, his family has seen some of the activities. Scott Henriques is not just contacting his family member; Kelle also mentioned it.

Another person, Psychic Medium Joann Pinn, mentioned on the media that he was just involved in an accident and may be alive. After getting this news, the tension between his loved ones increased, and they started worrying.

His family also created a fundraiser titled Get Scott Back on his feet. And they have a target of $10,000. And within one or two days, the target was reached. 

Still, his whereabouts are yet unknown.