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What Happened in Dadeville Shooting and Who is Annette Allen?

Dadeville Shooting: Who is Annette Allen?
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A gunman opened fire late Saturday night at a sweet 16 birthday party in a downtown Dadeville dance studio, killing at least four people and injuring 28 others. Gunfire ejected soon after 10:30 p.m., policing. Some of the injured were transported to UAB in Birmingham, East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika, and Russell Medical Center in Alexander City.

Dadeville Shooting: Who is Annette Allen?

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What Happened in the Dadeville Shooting Incident?

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s Sergeant Jeremy Burkett stated that some of the wounded remain in critical condition in hospitals. He also confirmed the number of shooting victims, however, he didn’t distinguish a suspect however said the individual is presently not a danger to the local area.

Secondary school senior Phil Dowdell was set to graduate in only weeks and wanted to go to Jacksonville State on a football grant. Before the party was interrupted by gunfire, he was celebrating his sister’s 16th birthday. His grandmother revealed on Sunday that Phil Dowdell passed away as a result of his injuries. Annette Allen, his grandmother, stated that he was an extremely modest child, never got along with anyone and that he always had a smile on his face. Moreover, that smile was worth a million-dollar smile as Allen said remembering her grandson.

Dowdell’s Family Also Shot?

The mother of Dowdell was shot twice and is recovering. Allen, Dowdell’s grandmother said that parents were confused as they tried to figure out where their children had been taken and whether or not they were safe. To locate them, they are moving from hospital to hospital. Allen requested prayers for the county and the area around it, and everyone is in mourning, she stated.

Police continued to swarm downtown Dadeville on Sunday as the sun rose in Alabama, gathering evidence of how a teenage birthday party turned violent with gunfire and chaos.

The old Bank of Dadeville, which is located near a building at Broadnax St. that was transformed into the Mahogany Masterpiece dance studio two years ago, served as the crime scene for the night. ALEA’s State Department of Examination joined nearby policing at the scene.

It was difficult to combat online misinformation because official confirmations from law enforcement did not arrive until nearly ten hours after the shooting. On social media, the hashtag “Dadeville” was trending because an image of five people collapsing inside a venue sparked calls for its removal from the web. Another group of social media users took a video of themselves at a nearby hospital where families were waiting for updates on their ill loved ones.

Dadeville Shooting: Who is Annette Allen?

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Saturday night, North Broadnax Street between Green and Columbus Streets and a portion of Cusseta Street were enclosed by police near the scene of the crime. The strip includes legal services, a furniture store, PNC Bank, and the Tallapoosa County Courthouse, which houses county services like the probate office, in addition to the dance studio.

Together with the residents of Dadeville and my fellow Alabamans, I mourn this morning. In a social media statement, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey said that violent crime has no place in our state, and they were staying closely updated by law enforcement as details emerge.

President Joe Biden Also Spoke On It?

Sunday afternoon, the office of President Joe Biden issued a statement where he demanded federal legislation regarding assault weapons, background checks, liability limits, and firearm storage.

In the statement, he said that this morning, his nation was once again mourning for the four Americans who were killed tragically at a teenager’s birthday party that took place in Dadeville, Alabama along with two others who were killed last night in a crowded public park that is located in Louisville.

Adding to his statement, he said that in the wake of this weekend’s gun violence, he along with his wife Jill were praying for their families as well as the numerous others who have been injured and are fighting for their lives.

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