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Find out More Information About the Adam Platania Motorbike Accident

Adam platania Motorcycle accident

On Thursday night, tragedy hit Derry when a collision between two motorbikes and a vehicle claimed the lives of two people. The fatalities are identified as Adam Platania and Katina Skotis.

Adam platania Motorcycle accident1


Adam Platania, What Happened to Him?

At the well-known crossroads of North Main and Nesmith streets, tragedy struck as police reacted to a tragic accident. Before the crash on North Main Street, two motorbikes were seen travelling in a group, according to witnesses. The implicated automobile was turning from Pinkerton Street into North Main Street when the incident happened. 

Sadly, Adam Platania, age 21, of Derry, went away at the scene, and Katina Skotis, age 20, of Litchfield, died at Elliot Hospital, leaving behind bereaved family members. The second motorcycle’s rider and passenger got sent to the hospital for non-life-threatening medical attention. Following the event, roads in the region were blocked for some hours as the city mourned the loss of those lives lost too soon.

The tragic news of Sara’s brother’s son’s death has just broken. There are no words to express the level of suffering and anguish they must be going through. Our community may band together to support our loved ones in need. To help her brother and his wife through this challenging period, Sara is taking the initiative to gather money to pay for Adam’s funeral expenses.

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