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Oshi no Ko episode 1 surprises the globe with its powerful story and heartbreaking conclusion.

Oshi no Ko
Image source: Nawala Karsa

Oshi no Ko episode 1 surprises the globe with its powerful story and heartbreaking conclusion.

Sarina as seen in Oshi no Ko episode 1. (Image via Doga Kobo)

Sarina from the first episode of Oshi no Ko. Image Source: Sportskeeda/Doga Kobo

Oshi no Ko’s first episode released on April 12, 2023, which lasted 90 minutes, was made available. The anime’s first episode had a profound influence on the world, and it has since become a global phenomenon. The first episode of Oshi no Ko was an emotional rollercoaster for the viewers. Despite the funny beginning, the narrative showed a much more gloomy and corrupt aspect of the entertainment business. The manga series Oshi No Ko, created by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari, was the inspiration. It appears like the anime adaptation will meet the high expectations of the manga fans after the first episode. The first episode of Oshi no Ko was a rollercoaster of emotions for the viewers, with a heartbreaking conclusion.

Twitter responses from anime fans to the Oshi no Ko premiere

Image source: Somoskudasai

For the OnK debut, Doga Kobo nailed it. They accurately captured each emotionally charged and profound event from the first book. God. This is the best Vol. 1 adaption I could have hoped for. The first episode of Oshi no Ko opened by introducing Gorou, a physician and ardent admirer of Ai Hoshino. Gorou is initially given a funny portrayal since he is fanboying his idol. A nurse refers to him as “Lollicon” as he fanboys over Ai. However, situations take a nasty turn when Gorou divulges that Ai was introduced to him by Sarina Sarina admired Ai greatly and aspired to be just as famous as her. Her dream, was short-lived as she went away at age 12 from anaplastic astrocytoma.

Oshi no Ko episode 1 has a fantastic impact with its powerful story

Image source: Anime Sweet

However, as time passed, Gorou unexpectedly discovered himself growing fond of Sarina’s hero. He learned that his new client was none else but Ai, who was 16 years old and 20 weeks along with her unborn child. While Ai’s desire to become pregnant and start a family that she had never had made his heart sink. He started to feel an overwhelming feeling of protectiveness for her and her upcoming family. Gorou spent all of his time helping Ai get ready for delivery. Gorou was pushed down a cliff on the night when Ai was scheduled to give birth, and he passed away. He had thoughts of Ai & Sarina in his head. Ai gave birth to twins in the medical center, a boy with blue eyes and a girl with ruby eyes. The rebirth of Doctor Gorou and his patient Sarina reveals to viewers as the initial episode of Oshi no Ko proceeds. Their recollections of their previous life and their mental development were the same.

Oshi no Ko has won the hearts of millions of fans with its big premiere.

The twins’ names were Aqua and Ruby, and even though they were acutely aware of their differences, they did everything they could to aid Ai. Opportunities continued to present themselves to Aqua and Ruby as they gradually began to grow up while hiding the fact that they were Ai’s manager’s kids. While keeping Ai safe was their primary concern, Aqua struck an agreement with a director to in exchange for Ai’s employment. Ruby worked on conquering her past traumas in the meantime. Ai was at her pinnacle of achievement because of their combined efforts and her tireless work. All of this occurred before a devoted fan stabbed Ai at her door for deceiving fans and for delivering twins. The fan had personal information about Ai.

Aqua saw the murder, which made everything worse. Ai remained faithful to her idol persona and forgave her killer, who fled the scene because he hadn’t anticipated her response. Finally, Ai was able to tell her children, “I love you,” before passing away peacefully. After Ai passed away, the children’s babysitter and her manager took over as parents, but there was something sinister. Aqua recalled the enigmatic figure that had pursued Ai and killed him in a former existence. He realized they were an identical person when he viewed a photo of Ai’s killer. As a result, he was unable to obtain Ai’s personal information, and after killing her, he also committed suicide. It appears to have the potential to rank among the best new television programs of the year. Everything, from the animation to the storyline, was perfect and well-presented. Fans appeared to like the story’s abrupt swing from a lighthearted tone to one that was very sad. Oshi no Ko’s debut episode, which had a heartbreaking ending, already had a big fan base. The narrative will intensify and progress as it does, causing its popularity to soar to new heights.

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