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Gavin Webb has Gone Missing; What Happened to Him? Find Out More

Missing Gavin Webb

Gavin Webb had gone missing in the preceding 24 hours. The Woodbridge Township Police Department is looking for help from the public. Look into it more.

Missing Gavin Webb1


Gavin Webb: What Happened to Him?

Gavin Webb, a student at Colonia Middle School, has been missing for the last day. His parents reported his disappearance. The police have asked for the public’s assistance. Anticipate that any indicators of use will quickly expose the child. His family is concerned about his health.


Gavin Webb was last seen sporting a red sweatshirt, black trousers, black Crocs and a white and black writing backpack. The top of the hair is curled, while the sides are shaved. He stands between 5’8 and 5’9 tall. Basketball with orange paint is becoming obsolete. If you have any information on a missing person, please call the Woodbridge Police Department at 634-7700. Any information will be kept secret, and assistance identifying the missing youngster will be greatly appreciated. It is critical to act swiftly and submit any information that might lead to the missing person’s safe return.

Responses on Social Media:

Patricia Torres’ social media post about a missing kid appeared. Gavin Webb, a 14-year-old boy, has vanished. The post was widely disseminated on social media, and local officials pleaded with anybody with information to come forward. Gavin Webb’s family is genuinely concerned about his whereabouts and has appealed for his safe return. His absence began only yesterday. Ask your children whether they have heard from him recently and if you can assist them. Please get in touch with the Woodbridge Township Police Department if you have any information. It’s the next town over, and he’s still missing, so when I spotted this symbol on Facebook, I had to post it.

Barnett, Cyndi Richardson Posted:

My great-grandson’s nephew’s and my sister’s grandchild. Please pray for his safe return for all my New Jersey friends and family! Please be alert and careful! This is his mother’s phone number.

Clerk, Elaine Posted:

I pray you, Lord God, in Jesus’ name, to keep this young man safe and to see that he comes home safely.

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