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David Geffen & His New Boyfriend Becomes Talk of Twitter

David Geffen & His New Boyfriend Becomes Talk of Twitter
Image Source - New York Post

The 30-year-old male model Donovan Michaels and the 80-year-old media mogul David Geffen are reportedly married. The rumors began to spread after Geffen posted a photo of himself and Michaels on a boat with the caption “Merry Christmas indeed!” in December.

David Geffen: The Billionaire Media Mogul

According to Forbes, David Geffen is a billionaire entertainment mogul with a $7.7 billion net worth. He is renowned for leading a lavish lifestyle and having several mansions and yachts worth millions of dollars.          

Geffen is also known for his charitable work. In 2017, he contributed $150 million to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

There have been millions of dollars donated to various causes, the David Geffen Foundation’s efforts to raise awareness and education about AIDS.

The Relationship of David Geffen and Donovan Michaels: From Rumors to Marriage

David Geffen, the billionaire co-founder of DreamWorks and record executive, reportedly married a former go-go dancer and cam model.

In 2020, Donovan Michaels was reportedly Geffen’s trainer when they first spoke. In a secret ceremony last month, the couple wed in Beverly Hills.

Geffen’s Instagram page is flooded with images of him on his yachts with well-known guests. He has a history of dating younger men, such as his ex-girlfriend Jeremy Lingvall, who accompanied him to the 2009 State Dinner hosted by then-President Barack Obama.

The picture was quickly removed, but Roger Friedman, a former Fox News reporter, claimed on his Showbiz411 blog that the two men wed over the weekend in a private ceremony in Beverly Hills that was only attended by two couples. Both Geffen and Michaels have remained silent on their respective social media platforms.

Who is Donovan Michaels, David Geffen’s 30-Year-Old Husband

Michaels’s past is shrouded in mystery and controversy. According to sources, David Armstrong was born and raised in Michigan in a large family with 13 children.

In 2014, he relocated to Florida and took the name, Brandon Foster. He performed on camera for paying customers while working as a dancer and promoter at gay clubs where he frequented nudist pool parties.

Although much media speculation and attention has focused on Geffen’s personal life, his professional achievements are equally noteworthy.

He was a founding partner of DreamWorks SKG, the studio behind blockbusters like “Shrek” and “Saving Private Ryan.” He was also active in the music business, co-founding Asylum Records and signing bands like the Eagles and Joni Mitchell.

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