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Cori Borgstadt wants to succeed Bob Iger as the next CEO of Disney

Cori Borgstadt wants to succeed Bob Iger as the next CEO of Disney
Image Source - Mint

The 18-year-old Disney superfan Cori Borgstadt aspires to become the next CEO of the Walt Disney Company. 

Who is Cori Borgstadt?

Cori Borgstadt is an 18-year-old shareholder at Disney from Peoria, Arizona. For over a decade, she has been gaining knowledge about the company to understand how to succeed as the next CEO of the company.

She has been a huge Disney fan since she was 3 years old. When she was only a toddler in 2008, she attended her first annual shareholder’s meeting. She has since attended each shareholder meeting held at Disney. 

This Tradition started when Cori’s grandmother bought her and her older sister, Austin, a single share of Disney Stock as a gift for Christmas. Then, their mother spontaneously suggested they attend the annual shareholder’s meeting.

Currently, she is a freshman at college at Texas Tech university, where she is pursuing economics and film and media studies. She regularly wears T-shirts featuring Pixar characters. 

Cori Borgstadt wants to succeed Bob Iger as the next CEO of Disney

Image Source – Youtube

Could the 18-year-old replace the CEO of Disney?

Even though the young girl’ ambition to become a CEO one day might seem difficult, there is no reason why she can’t achieve this dream of hers. 

Bob Iger has stated that he would be stepping down from his role within the next 2 years, which allows her to take up the role. 

One thing that they have in common is that they are both ahead of their time and have a reputation for precociousness. In 2000, just 5 years after joining Disney, Robert Iger was named the chief operating officer and second in command to the previous CEO, Michael Eisner. 

Though one thing that is working against her is her age, most of the CEOs at Disney are between 50 and 60. But what she lacks in experience, she makes up with her ambition and passion for her work.

Bob Iger’s advice to Cori Borgstadt

According to Cori Borgstadt, you need to care for the company or love it to be successful in your career. You have to share the same interest as everyone in the job and the fans. 

This passion and dedication she had for the company and its work are what Bob Iger recognized in Cori. Also, her attendance record is better and longer than most shareholders and the board of directors. This has been noticed.

When Cori asked Bob Iger the big question about what advice he would give a kid who wants his job someday, his response to her was to keep coming to the shareholder’s meeting.

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