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Who is Olivia Moline? Know more about her boyfriend and her personal life

Olivia Moline

Olivia Miline, Allegedly a former beauty queen now trending due to her boyfriend’s case. So many people on the internet want to know more about the Olivia Miline elevator footage on Pivahub. In this article, we’ll provide more details about Olivia and her boyfriend’s case; keep reading.

Olivia Moline


In 2016, a video of Olivia Moline rose went viral; in the video, she was seen intoxicated. After around seven years, Moline was again in the news, and her older footage is now famous on social media. In the viral video, Moline was seen drunk in the elevator.

According to different news sources, Olivia Moline is a former beauty queen. According to other media reports, some adult videos of Olivia Moline from the elevator were leaked.

Olivia Moline: Who is the boyfriend of her

No information is available about Moline’s boyfriend, but due to this case, people think she has a boyfriend. Some of Olivia’s videos were posted on Pivahub. Later some Netizens posted it on other platforms like Twitter and other media.

More details and a life timeline are not available about Olivia Moline. No media source posted any authentic about Olivia Moline till now.

We tried to find out more about her on the internet, but she was also not active in the Fashion industry.

Also, she was not available on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Olivia Moline: More details

In 2016, she was 21 years old when the video of her went viral on social media. The former beauty queen turned model is not on Wikipedia. Now people are angry after watching the viral footage; in the video, she called men racial and spoke some other offensive stuff.

After this video went viral, her life was affected very badly. Due to this incident, she did not participate in her Miss Colorado Teen USA title and missed some modelling contracts.

Olivia Moline: Dispute over the Elevator Footage

The news went viral on social media and other platforms and was not accurate, as told by Olivia Moline. She posted on her Instagram Story and refuted all the viral things about her.

Someone posted some videos on social media along the caption featuring Olivia Miline, and they also mentioned the word “Leaked”. Her closed friends and family members also refused these videos that she was Olivia.

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