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Cambridgeshire Shooting Explained: Gary Dunmore and Josh Dunmore Died

Josh Dunmore

The news that two men had been killed by gunfire in villages six miles apart this morning shocked Cambridgeshire. Cambridgeshire Police has revealed that the two people who died from gunshot wounds in two towns were a father and a son while a murder investigation is ongoing. They have added that one line of inquiry is that the assaults were the result of a dispute within the family regarding custody. Let’s look more closely at the shooting in Cambridgeshire.

Shooting in Cambridgeshire


Shooting in Cambridgeshire:

The shootings in Bluntisham and Sutton took place on Wednesday night. Police were called to investigate reports of gunfire on Meridian Close in Bluntisham when they found the body of a 32-year-old man inside with a gunshot wound. Later, at approximately 9:37 p. m. Additionally, they got a call from someone in Sutton, which is close to six miles from Ely, who claimed to have heard gunfire there as well.

A 57-year-old man’s gunshot-wounded body was found at a residence in The Row. Police are looking into both murders and treating them as such. At Joshua Dunmore’s Meridian Close home on Thursday morning, there were several police officers present. Detectives “very quickly” made two arrests in a hotel close to Cambridge, according to Detective Chief Superintendent John Hutchinson of the Cambridgeshire Police. He added that the father and son who died in the villages were shot. Three forensic officers dressed in white suits entered one of the two semi-detached houses Sutton’s murder police had cordoned off this afternoon. On Thursday, forensic investigators were in front of a house on The Row in Sutton. Instead of entering through the front door, they entered through a gate. The “primary line of investigation,” he claimed, was whether the incident had anything to do with a family issue. “.

Gary Dunmore and Josh Dunmore were the victims:

While police investigate a potential connection to a custody dispute, tributes have been left to remember the father and son who died in a suspected double shooting—9:00 p.m. m. Builder Joshua Dunmore, 32, was shot at his home on Wednesday in the “lovely, quiet little rural village” of Bluntisham, Cambs. His father, Gary Dunmore, passed away at 9:37 p.m., only 37 minutes later. m. He was at home only six miles away in the nearby town of Sutton.

Arrested suspects:

Early this morning, Cambridge police detained a 27-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman, while police in the Worcester area detained a 66-year-old man. On suspicion of plotting a murder, three people have been arrested. Police also discovered a white Peugeot 208 alongside the shotgun. The three were reportedly arrested on a “conspiracy to kill charge,” which suggests a “third person was involved. “.

What do the Officials Say?

West Mercia Police reported that at around one in the morning, West Midlands Police saw the alleged car driving south on the M5 freeway toward West Mercia. The vehicle was stopped by two police teams using a stinger at the Worcestershire exit number five for Droitwich, and the 66-year-old driver was detained. Hutchinson said that one “active line of inquiry” is determining whether the firearm was legally possessed.

“We are not looking for any further persons in relation to the event,” he stated. “One line of inquiry that we’re focused on is that those who are in jail are known to the dead and have recently spoken with them,” the investigator said. He says the forensic examination determines whether the same weapon was used at both locations. The two suspects, detained at a hotel just outside of Cambridge, were “from the local region, but we’re trying to figure out where they have been staying in recent days,” he added.

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