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Thijs Slegers dead: What Happened to Thijs Slegers?

Thijs Slegers dead

Thijs Slegers, the 46-year-old PSV press secretary, passed away. Keep reading this article to find out what happened and why Thijs Sleger’s passing.

How did Thijs Slegers die


How did Thijs Slegers die?

On Monday morning, Thijs Slegers passed away at the age of 46. His employer at the time, PSV, the team, made the announcement. Slegers had been suffering from a severe illness for a while when it was announced at the beginning of February that his treatment was over. He leaves behind a wife and two kids. In October 2020, Slegers was informed that he had acute leukaemia and needed a stem cell transplant to recover. This major procedure initially appeared successful, but severe side effects soon followed. After the stem cell transplant, Slegers reported that he was diagnosed with the rejection disease at the beginning of last month.

Thijs Slegers dead: What Happened to Thijs Slegers?

He joined PSV as a press officer in 2015. He committed seven years of his life to play that role. A cerebral infarction struck him in August 2017. His acute leukaemia diagnosis came at the end of October 2020. In 2022, Slegers underwent a stem cell transplant. The procedure was successful, but Slegers announced on social media at the beginning of February 2023 that the following rejection could not be stopped and that his treatment was over. Slegers was confirmed to have passed away on March 27, 2023, at 46 due to his illness. He spent about eighteen years working as a football journalist before spending more than seven years at PSV, where he preferred to continue working despite being ill.

Slegers wished to be a part of the club’s highs and lows until the very end of his life. That person’s life came to an end this past weekend due to excessive post-operative complications. The news shocked everyone at PSV, even though it was well known that Slegers’ health was rapidly declining. With more than 80,000 Twitter followers, Slegers became one of the most well-known football writers in the Netherlands between 1998 and 2015. He then entered Philips Stadium in his capacity as press secretary. Toon Gerbrands, a former general director, had advised him to make that change.

Thijs Slegers, who was he?

Former sports journalist and Dutch press agent Thijs Slegers served in this capacity. PSV hired Slegers in June 2015 to take Jeroen van den Berk’s place as press affairs manager beginning on July 1. Before that, he was a sports journalist for Voetbal International and served as a “club watcher” for the same club. He frequently provided updates on PSV news in the corresponding television program. For De Telegraaf, Slegers also followed PSV.

Geen Genade (2012), his biography of Andy van der Meijde, was written. Slegers later worked as a PSV observer for De Telegraaf before returning to the same position at Voetbal International. He has served as the Philips Stadium’s press officer since 2015. The weekend before last, when his body gave out, he was still in that position.

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