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Steve Dagg Passed Away – Cause Of Death Explained

Steve Dagg Cause of Death.

CITYTV’s former cameraman and drummer Steve Dagg, of Brampton, Ontario, died on 26 March 2023. News of this incident is circulating on the web and capturing the attention of the public.

His life was filled with great work and he established a reputation among people. He passed away unexpectedly, and we are deeply saddened by the news. The love he once had has been broken.

Those who loved Steve Dagg are curious about his death and what happened to him?

Who was Steve Dagg?

Steve Dagg was a very famous CITYTV photographer & a proficient drummer. He was a very beloved husband and father to two beautiful young daughters

He graduated from Brampton Centennial High School in cinematography in Brampton, Ontario, United States. After graduating from high school, he attended Humber College to study music.

Aside from that, he was also a camera operator for CityNews Toronto and an editor at The Princess Margaret Cancer Fund.Dagg spent a significant amount of time with the band.

Steve Dagg Cause of Death

Image Source – Obitschapel

Steve Dagg Cause of Death

It is reported that he died after battling colorectal cancer. His fight against cancer was valiant despite the odds. Although his body was suffering damage from the illness, he fought back with courage and determination.

It was an honor to work with him in the entertainment industry. It is a sad time for his co-workers. His family is in our thoughts and prayers, and we are here to provide support.

It has been a difficult time for the family, but we have always assured them that we are there for them.

What happened to Steve Dagg?

In 2021, the drummer was diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, he died after battling cancer.  During this time, he was going through a lot.

Despite all the efforts, he died after receiving treatment for this. He had two daughters. There is a great deal of sadness in his family at this time.

My condolences

His close ones will always miss this multi-talented person who achieved huge attention from the public. His family is now receiving condolences from many people and tributes are being shared on social media.

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