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What Happened to Amara and Aleesia Jolicoeur? Ontario Twins

What Happened to Amara and Aleesia Jolicoeur Ontario Twins
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Amara and Aleesia Jolicoeur, 15-year-old twins from Barrie, Ontario, was reported missing. The twins were last seen on the evening of March and were reported missing by their family the next day.

What Happened to Amara and Aleesia Jolicoeur?

The Barrie Police Service launched a search for the missing girls and reached out to the public for any information that could assist in locating them. The police department released the girls’ photographs and descriptions and asked anyone who had seen them or had any information on their whereabouts to come forward.

Alessia returned home safely. However, her sister Amara remained missing. The police department continued their search for Amara and asked the public for any information regarding her whereabouts.
As of now, there has been no new information regarding Amara’s disappearance. The police department and the family still ask for the public’s help locating her. Information is urged to contact the Barrie Police Department or Crime Stoppers.

Amara and Aleesia: who returned home?

On March 21, the Barrie Police Service announced that one of the twins had returned home safely, but the other twin was still missing. The police department continued to search for Aleesia Jolicoeur and urged anyone with information to contact them.

Amara and Aleesia Jolicoeur are described as Indigenous, with brown hair and brown eyes. Amara is 5’4″ tall and weighs approximately 130 pounds, while Aleesia is 5’3″ tall and weighs approximately 125 pounds. Both girls were last seen wearing black pants, hoodies, and sneakers. Following their disappearance, a search was launched by the Barrie Police Department and volunteers from the community. Posters were also distributed throughout the area to locate the missing twins.

What Happened to Amara and Aleesia Jolicoeur Ontario Twins

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The police search operation to find Aleesia:

Community members and the police department have worked tirelessly to locate Aleesia Jolicoeur. A Facebook page called “Missing People Canada” shared posts about the missing twins to reach a wider audience and increase the chances of locating Aleesia. The page has over 31,000 followers and is dedicated to sharing information about missing persons across Canada.

The Barrie Police Service has also been active on social media, sharing updates on the search and thanking the public for their assistance. The police department has urged anyone who may have seen Aleesia Jolicoeur or has information on her whereabouts to contact them immediately.

What happened to Aleesia Jolicoeur is unknown, and the search for her is still ongoing. The Barrie Police Service has promised to provide updates on the case as more information becomes available. The community is hopeful that Aleesia will be found safe and returned to her family.