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Mahlon Simmons & Construction Workers Die in Fatal Car Crash

Mahlon Simmons & Construction Workers Die in Fatal Car Crash
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Mahlon Simmons III and his father Mahlon Simmons III, along with six others, were tragically killed in a vehicle crash on the Baltimore Beltway.

How did Mahlon Simmons die?

The father-son duo Mahlon Simmons II and Mahlon Simmons III died in a horrible vehicle crash near Woodlawn, Maryland, in Baltimore County. The father and son were from Union Bridge, Maryland. They were among the Four other highway workers who also died in this unexpected accident. These workers were employed under a contract. 

Mahlon Simmons & Construction Workers Die in Fatal Car Crash

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What Happened at Baltimore Beltway?

On Wednesday, 22 March, at around 12:40 PM, a devastating accident occurred near the inner circle of Interstate 695, widely known as the Baltimore Beltway. The six workers killed were on a busy roadway when a vehicle slammed into their work zone and hit them.

The highway employees who were killed were all a member of a group working in a construction zone on the I-695 Source outer loop. These workers were Mahlon Simmons II and Mahlon Simmons III, two brothers, and two others. Two of the employees were from Baltimore County, while four of them were from the Frederick region.

The car’s driver suffered injuries in the collision and was taken to in close proximity hospital for treatment. Although the reason for the collision is still under investigation, Maryland State Police suspect that speed and alcohol use may have played a role.

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Who was Mahlon Simmons III?

Mahlon Simmons III was a construction manager for the State Highway Administration of the Maryland Department of Transportation.

On 19 October 1990, Mahlon Simmons III was born in Westminster, Maryland. He went to Francis Scott Key High School and completed graduation in 2008; he was raised in Union Bridge, Maryland. After that, he went to the University of Maryland for a civil engineering degree.

Mahlon was well-liked in his neighbourhood and was well-known for his good nature and contagious grin. He liked playing basketball, golf, and softball and was a passionate sports fan. Specifically, he loved spending time with his fiancé, Jennifer, and family & friends.