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What was the Identity of Roman Zoltan Shewchuk? The 16-Year-Old Suspect in the Deaths of Two Edmonton Police Officers was Very Dangerous

Roman Zoltan Shewchuk

The 16-year-old suspect who horrified the community by killing two Edmonton police officers and the tragedy’s specifics have been named. It was determined that 16-year-old Roman Zoltan Shewchuk was the shooter who murdered Edmonton police officers Brett Ryan and Travis Jordan.

Roman Zoltan Shewchuk1


What was the Identity of Roman Zoltan Shewchuk?

Edmonton police have identified the 16-year-old suspect who fatally shot two officers. Take a few moments to read the whole tale of 16-year-old Roman Zoltan Shewchuk. The officers have identified Roman Zoltan Shewchuk, 16, as the shooter of two Edmonton police officers. He was characterised as “very unstable” and suffering by a family friend.

Officials have kept details under wraps since the tragedy occurred just after midnight on Thursday last week, and information about the family is now slowly leaking out. The identity of the shooter and his mother has been confirmed by the Star based on court documents, interviews with neighbours of the northwest Edmonton apartment complex where the killings happened, and family members.

The Police have Launched an Investigation:

While there are many unanswered questions about the incident and what triggered it, the information acquired by the cops constructs the picture needed to grasp last week’s sad events. A year ago, a neighbour called Evan Oddleifson met Shewchuk’s mother at a park and became friends with her. Oddleifson stated that the two regularly communicated and that he knew Shewchuk, one of Nod’s three children, who is 16 years old. Even though he didn’t interact with Shewchuk much, the adolescent was “very, very distressed,” according to Oddleifson.

About Shewchuk’s Personal Life:

Shewchuk’s online profile has few details. He has a few Facebook friends whose profiles show they like video games. There is a piece of little more information about family situations accessible. Darlene Blyan, Nod’s next-door neighbour, stated that she assumed Nod had relocated from Ukraine to Canada years ago; however, Oddleifson claimed that she had previously been there and had just recently come to Canada as a consequence of Russia’s invasion of that nation.

“Her family had previously resided in this country, but she’s a single 55-year-old mother of three, and she had been trying to persuade her mother to leave Ukraine, but her mother was fiercely opposed.” He stated she was hesitant to leave her nation. According to the police, a 73-year-old man was also in the flat at the time of the event. According to a resident who recognised him as Nod’s ex-husband, the guy stayed there.

According to divorce papers, Nod married Ronald Shewchuk in Edmonton on January 26, 2003, using the legal name Kateryna Shewchuk. They split up in 2013 and formally divorced in 2016. According to court papers, Nod, her real name, was born in Tyachevo, Ukraine. However, like her husband, she disclosed an Edmonton address in 2016. According to the documents, Roman Shewchuk, born on April 2, 2006, is the union’s lone child. He went abruptly only days before being 17 years old. Shewchuk lives in Edmonton with his mother, according to court filings from 2015.

It’s unknown how long Nod lived in Edmonton or Ukraine or if she ever opted to settle in Canada. Oddleifson described Nod as “strong” and “independent.” He added that she concentrated on being an excellent mother to her children. The shootings shook Alberta’s provincial capital. Even though the two deaths bring the overall number of law enforcement officers murdered in the line of duty in the country to seven since September, Edmonton has not witnessed a police killing since a hate crime investigator was shot while detained in 2015.

What Happened to the Edmonton Cops?

According to officials, a 16-year-old murdered his mother with a pistol, killed two police officers and then committed suicide in western Canada early Thursday. According to a police officer and a senior government official, the suspect shot and wounded his mother in Edmonton, Alberta. The officials spoke anonymously because none had the authority to speak publicly about the issue.

The two policemen were fatally shot while investigating a complaint of a domestic incident at an apartment complex at about 12:47 in the morning, according to Edmonton Police Chief Dale McFee. He said there was no evidence that the police may have taken revenge.

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