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How did Mekhi Jackson Die? Georgia Man Wanted After Beating Dog To Death

Mekhi Jackson

DeKalb County police want Mekhi Jackson after it was claimed that he appeared in a social media video that appeared to show him attacking a dog. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Who is Mekhi Jackson?

The DeKalb County Police want Mekhi Jackson on suspicion of mistreating a dog. The police now want Mekhi Jackson after they were shown a video of animal abuse. Police have made surveillance images available that offer a man standing nearby and holding a small puppy. According to the police, the dog’s death was later found to have occurred. The incident happened on Sunday along Flat Shoals Rad and was caught on camera. DeKalb police are looking for Jackson’s whereabouts.

Assist with the investigation!

If you have any information about his whereabouts, contact the DeKalb police at 404-286-7990 or the Cruelty Complaint Hotline at 404-294-2939. Det. At tdwatson@dekalbcountyga . Gov, you can email Watson, the detective assigned to the case.

History of Mekhi Jackson’s Case:

The shooting that happened on January 21, 2022, was one of several reprisal shootings between rival gangs, according to a police report. After a long day of classes, the shooting happened at McNair. Investigators claim that a 15-year-old student who is a well-known gang member started shooting at other students from a car who were allegedly associated with a rival gang. No harm was done.

One of the alleged gang members who was also detained was Mekhi Jackson, age 19. He was the getaway driver, as investigators found out. According to the report, when police detained Jackson and the alleged shooter, they discovered a stolen Glock that had been taken during an armed robbery in Riverdale.

Tyrone Dennis is a retired Atlanta police gang detective who has looked into many of the most prominent gangs in the metro Atlanta area. Despite not being directly involved in the case, he asserted that many young children join gangs because they don’t get enough attention at home.

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