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What was the Cause of Death for Jeff Gaylord? Explain How a Professional Wrestler Died

Jeff Gaylord Died

Jeff Gaylord, a former football player turned wrestler, died at 64. Jeff Gaylord was a former CFL and USFL defensive end.

What became of Jeff Gaylord?

Jeff Gaylord, who worked for the GWF, the USWA, and the WCCW, has died. His brother reported Jeff Gaylord’s death on his official Facebook page with the following statement.

Sadly, my brother, Jeffrey Scott Gaylord, died after a brief illness. He was 64.  He left professional football after numerous years of service. Jeff entered the entertainment world and spent several years as a professional wrestler. He performed outreach work for his church and supplied warm clothing to people living off the grid on Denver’s streets. We mourn him terribly but are pleased Jeff enjoys the Wonderful Gift of Eternal Life!

Cause of Death for Jeff Gaylord:

Great heel wrestler Jeff Gaylord should be recognised as one of the Von Erichs’ primary rivals in Dallas during the closing stages of WCCW and the beginning of USWA. He was one of the villains who helped define late-’80s Texas wrestling alongside Al Perez, Billy Joe Travis, John Tatum and Gary Young. Gaylord died following a brief illness, according to official accounts. There are currently no details available about Gaylord’s illness or death. He is believed to have died on 15th March 2023.

Jeff Pearlman writes about Gaylord in Football For a Buck, an intriguing book about the fledgling league. A couple of Boston Breakers had the finest training camp story. First, there was Jeff Gaylord, a nose lineman and former fourth-round draught selection of the Los Angeles Rams who, from 1978 to 1982, attended the University of Missouri.

He embarked on a five-month cocaine spree, described as “frying my brain.” He volunteered to fill in for a male dancer missing from the nightclub where he worked as a bouncer. Gaylord buys a can of green paint, covers himself from head to toe, and dubs himself “the Incredible Hulk.” He was detained and fined $50 that night for indecent exposure. He stuffed his body with every steroid and steroid imitation possible. Being a trained chiropractor, he came to the stadium early to crack his colleagues’ backs before games.

Jeff Gaylord, who was He?

On 15th October 1958, Jeff Gaylord was born in Des Moines, Iowa. He grew into a 6-foot-3, 255-pound defensive tackle and linebacker. His Shawnee Mission South school team from Kansas, Overland Park, won the state title in 1975. Under the direction of head coach John Davis, the Raiders beat Wichita Southeast to claim the Class 5-A football title. Gaylord played noseguard for the group.

Gaylord then went to Missouri in 1977. After a car accident left Gaylord with a broken sternum, he was forced to redshirt his first season at Missouri. In many respects, he was an afterthought who rose to prominence during the 1981 campaign.

Football Profession

United States Football League’s Boston Breakers Following that, He became a member of the Boston Breakers of the USFL, a team of outcasts typical of the league. Gaylord played 13 games for the Breakers before joining the club in New Orleans and concluding his career with the San Antonio Gunslingers. Throughout his USFL career, he earned 10.0 Quarterback sacks. He wore jersey number 61 at every professional stop.

“Drugs everywhere in New Orleans, and so many males who used,” he recounted. Most of us were impoverished, and once the checks started coming in, the cocaine followed. The white folks snorted it while the black people smoked it. We had a breakdown. Gaylord added more detail in another location. According to Gaylord, drug usage was common in the USFL. “I purchased a bag from my coke dealer once for $1,000, tooted it, and played all night. In the 1980s, sports were similar to this.

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