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Jordan Taylor Death Issue: Jordan Taylor Found Dead In NewYork After He Goes Missing

Jordan Taylor Death

Jordan Taylor, who mysteriously vanished after being last seen on January 6, was discovered dead. Let’s see what happened to the missing law student in detail.

What is Jordan Taylor’s cause of death?

On March 12, 2023, Jordan Taylor’s brother announced his death. Taylor was a first-year law student at the University of New York who had gone missing on January 6, 2023. Jordan’s brother Alton Taylor Jr. informed of this tragic news, saying. “With a heavy heart, we wish to acknowledge the suffering and loss of my brother Jordan. He received his wings, and his spirit will always be a part of who we are. We will start the healing process as soon as we experience our grief. Rest in Power, Osiris, and you will always be in our hearts and minds. Thank you all so much for your assistance in the search and efforts, and please remember his family and friends in your prayers. “. However, it is still unknown how they discovered Jordan or the circumstances of his passing.

What Happened to Jordan Taylor?

The Nyack native, who now resides in Queens, went for a haircut but left abruptly in the middle of the trim and hasn’t been seen since. He posted a photo to Facebook, and then, according to reports, he appeared at the Port Authority Bus Terminal several hours later. He was left hanging for about three hours. We weren’t entirely sure then, but it’s strange, like, maybe meeting someone, Alton Taylor, Jordan’s brother, said. When John Umberger encountered two men there, he was drugged, robbed, and left for dead while visiting New York City. He thinks Jordan went to the LGBTQ nightclub The Q. The news of Jordan Taylor’s death has saddened the authorities, family, and friends. He contributed to the campaigns of Nick Mosby, the head of the Baltimore City Council, and current lieutenant governor Anthony Delgado.

Jordan Taylor Death:

The day after getting a haircut in Queens on January 6, 2023, Jordan was spotted near the Port Authority Bus Terminal. According to his phone records, he most likely visited The Q, a bar in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighbourhood. LBGTQ club The Q is situated at 795 8th Avenue. On January 7, 2023, his wallet was discovered in Battery Park City, near the Goldman Sachs Building on West Street. His brother Alton Taylor told NBC NY, “We got a call at 9:30 saying that someone found his wallet in Battery Park by Goldman Sachs. There hasn’t been any news or sightings of Jordan since. It is unknown if Taylor’s wallet and phone were on or taken from him since he was last seen alive in Queens. Authorities struggled to find him because his phone and wallet were in two different Manhattan places.

His brother posted a statement on social media confirming Taylor’s passing. He omitted to mention how they discovered his brother’s body or provide any other details regarding his passing. The cause of and circumstances surrounding Jordan Taylor’s passing have not yet been made public by his family. As soon as the death spread on social media, condolences poured in. Exempt firefighters sent their condolences, stating. “We offer our deepest sympathies to Jordan Taylor’s family and friends; he was a devoted member of our association and a community activist. He has been missing since January 7; it was tragically announced yesterday that he has died. Our association recognised Jordan for his local community service work in 2018, and he frequently volunteered in our kitchen.

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